Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tattoos are forever

I still have no computer so am posting from my phone on 3G, which means what appears when I hit publish will most likely be a hot mess without any formatting. Kinda like the last post I did during a commercial while watching the bachelorette finale. My camera battery died with 1 week left of vacation and I forgot how to use a pen and paper so I am using my phone for recording moments. How GenY of me. Or is it the iGeneration? Anyway, today I had the tattoo discussion with miles right after the 20 minute discussion on who God is, whose belly he came out of, and why he is everywhere. Again, Eric was happily floating on a pool noodle while I fielded Miles's esoteric mysteries about faith. That, and vomit; Eric is never there to witness these difficult parenting moments. Right. Tattoos. So this guy had one heck of a back tat: an American flag that had old glory inked from blade to blade. I told miles that it was not like the ones he got at swim lessons, but that it would stay there forever and ever amen. Let me just pause. And if I weren't writing on my phone I could use spacing to get you through this post but it doesn't recognize line spacing. So this is more James Joyce than I want. Unpause. I am not against tattoos. They are just forever. And I am not sure I can think of anything I want emblazoned on my body. Nor can I think of any area of my body I am interested in drawing attention to. But I do joke with Eric and ask him how much he thinks it will cost to get a birth mark and gas cloud inked on my body. Stop me if we have had this conversation before..."Eric, do you think it would cost more than $100 for someone to tattoo a 2mm cherry angioma (to match the 800 I already have by nature)on my belly and a fart cloud on my bottom?" I hate the word fart, which makes me laugh at the image and idea even more. I don't mind if you have tattoos, just make sure the words are spelled correctly and you use an artist who uses sterile procedures. But I am not sure how I will react if my boys get one in the future. Especially after miles said this to me today after we toggled between the concepts of permanence and impermanence: "mom, I want to get two tattoos please. On this side of my leg an American flag...and on this leg a chair and a bench." Oh dear...go with the fart cloud kid. Furniture isn't a great conversation starter.

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