Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trail of Tears "bears" not "fears" or the forced relocation of Native Americans.

(Witty titles aren't so witty when you have to explain them, huh.)

We're back! 
 We survived our 2+ week expedition to MA and OH. It was so wonderful seeing family, and even though my kids were possessed by Lucifer a few times, they were champs when it came to the plane and car travel. (I counted, and Miles has now gone on 9 flights in 4 years!) And they best be...I'm paying for 4 seats, now!

Before I start figuring out if I can assemble any series of worthy posts about our vacation for the blog (especially since our camera battery died after week 1, so I don't have many visuals), I thought I would start with some flubs.

When someone says, "you want the good news or bad  news?" I am totally a bad news first kinda girl.

So...let's just say that the phrase "like a bull in a China shop" can be refined to "like a Heintz in a household."

We literally "tore it up" on vacation.

You mean THESE two love bugs caused trouble? Don't let their 2 hour naps fool you. Dem got sum bite! (See proof that Felix sleeps with a tractor and goose? Actually, we are pretty sure it's a swan, but to Felix, it will always be a goose. And they are currently still on vacation at Grandma's house. Bedtime has been AWESOME since coming home. Does the sarcasm sting?)

If you ever need a reason to get new furniture, give us a buzz. I didn't think I had destructive kids, until I unleashed them in their grandparents' homes.

Wrap sheet:
  1. (Started on day 1!) Felix tears off the conveyor belt on Grandpa's old antique toy tractor (accident)
  2. Felix smashes Mahna's ceramic garden rabbit (accident?)
  3. Felix snaps apart Mahna and Grandpa's flower pinwheel (not an accident)
  4. Felix "eats it" in front of the town police station and gets blood on Mahna's purse (bloody accident, pun intended)
  5. Miles has a fever for 24 hours and uses a blanket that sheds all over Opa and Grandma's lake house couch (fuzzy accident)
  6. Miles drops Opa and Grandma's glass cup, smashes it to bits, and cuts his foot, and stains a sheet (bloody accident, pun intended)
  7. Our Subaru leaks 2 oil spills on Opa and Grandma's nice driveway (oily accident)
  8. Ants infest the Subaru and we (Eric) transported them into Opa and Grandma's house from the Dyson vacuum (unfortunate accident)
  9. Felix trips and knocks over an enormous pot and plant at Opa and Grandma's and splatters mud on the wall and soils the nice white carpet (Opa was none too pleased; but an accident)
  10. The boys break my beloved Timex watch. Okay, they didn't break it, but it fell apart, and I am currently feeling incredibly naked and never realized how often I look at my wrist
Despite the hiccups (and I did not include Felix peeing on the deck and Miles pooping in his underwear), I would say that even though our families might need tranquilizers after our tornadic (made up word I think) appearances, there is a part of me that really wishes we lived closer to everyone...

...even if it means obligatory child straight jackets.

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  1. What was repairable was repaired, what needed washing was washed, and the things beyond were just things - not as valuable as love and family.

    BTW - This is my second attempt at a comment.