Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vacation 2012: Cousin Lovin'

I title the above, "Cousin Sammy!" Please notice Pig-pen's feet (close-up below)...

Miles and Felix got to spend some time with their one and only cousin "L." Don't let her doughy eyes fools you, she can totally hang with the big dogs and houses them in the sleep arena. (Although, she may have some PTSD from the boys' cray-cray and 'tudes.)

Don't get me wrong, I do love the Nickelodeon Physical Challenges of having boys (and people wonder how baby weight comes off...), but I am also so blessed to have a niece whom I can play dolls and "family" with over the years. (I may also force her and her mother on girls' weekends.) Growing up I had a close relationship with my mother's only sister, Dilys (who has 1 son of her own), and relished getting packages from her containing things like jelly bracelets and chic embroidered vests. Now, I don't have nearly the same fashion sense that L's mother has, but I do hope I can spend the years finding neat little packages to send her way and enjoy some quality girl time with her and my sister-in-law.

Let me also add, that it was a nice change of pace to see a child whose palate is more refined than my own. This girl can eat anything from Indian to sushi...and apparently frog legs. 

Apparently my favorite images are those of the kids around the piano. Until they incite vomiting by learning how to play my old Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting sheet music, I'm going to go all Tiger Mom on them and enforce piano or violin lessons. I kid. I kid--unfortunately, not about my taste in sheet music.

I imagine there will be some musicians in this family. (Please, no drums, stand up bass, or tuba, m'kay?)

Uncle Nick getting in on the fun, too...
Living far away from family has its challenges, but it makes those times we spend together even more precious.

Thanks Aunt Heather and Cousin L for the visit! We miss and love you...

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  1. I agree. Having little L to enjoy is wonderful. What a cutie! I have to claim at least part responsibility for Pigpen Heintz's dirty feet as it was our house that provided the dirt.