Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Curly Girl

This post is brought to you by: my attempt to write about the mundane.
My friends Amy and Jenni were the first to tell me about curly girl.
I am not sure exactly how to reference the theory/method/guide...(at first I thought it was some urban legend).
Just Google (or Bing or Ask Jeeves) "curly girl".
I am not a "curly girl" disciple, but I do have wavy/curly hair that occasionally makes an appearance. Eric calls it "Island Ali."
This picture cracks me up.
I have never been one to do the "iPortrait in the mirror", but was demonstrating to my friend that I do, in fact, have some kink to these locks. It's an hour post shower, and to be fair, I did pin up the front layer that doesn't have much curl.
Please notice infant Miles in the background with his a look like, "whoa, Mom!"
And just how seriously awkward I look.
And the toothpaste splatters on my mirror.
But this doesn't inspire me to go curly girl.
And I have been getting these urges to just cut it into the chin length bob I always get.
Or maybe even shave it all off and supplement my decolletage with funky jewelry from Etsy. Then I don't have to even worry about the gray I'm chasing every.single.month.
First Twitter...
watch out, GI Jane may be next.
(That's me testing a Tweet. Baby steps.)


  1. I love your curly hair! I actually have the same issue as you - the front pieces do not get all that curly. I also love the Ali chin length bob.

  2. P.S. I like the "mundane". and your blog always thinks i am a "robot" when i comment.

  3. I always dream of a hair do that would be "wash and wear" and have mused about what we used to call a pixie cut (google Twiggie), but one has to be pretty or as you write, sport fabulous jewelry to make that or a GI Jane work. Sigh!
    I am with Amy - it often takes me a time or two to get the word and number right. Whose vision is this designed for?!