Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's a bleeder

Oh, remember when I confessed that I have a chronic nose picker over here?

I know what you were thinking: "There she goes again; taking creative license with all of those 'facts' of life." (If Natalie or "Tootie" didn't just traverse your consciousness, you are too young to be reading this blog.)

Sure, I take liberties with my adjectives, but the facts are the facts.

I call it creative packaging of the truth with lots of histrionic ribbon. 

Felix has refrained from snacking on his own nare waste, and I felt that much like the cannibalism, we have been in the clear with the nose diving.

I know, right?

I thought the same thing when I found him like this: he's either back to cannibalism, or picked his nose so hard it bled--again.

Thankfully (?) it was the latter.

Yeah, so I took the boys on my traditional evening slog with the double stroller. 

We talk about street names. We talk about Willy Wonka. We talk about quantum physics.

I know when we walk by people they are like "noise pollution!" as the boys and I tend to get really loud when Oompa Loompas are mentioned.

Tonight, I got a lot of extra looks. 
Maybe it was my description of the ever-lasting-gobstopper? Or my terrible Veruca Salt impersonation.

Oh no. 
It was the fact that my child was hemorrhaging from his nose for 45 minutes and I had no idea.

In all fairness, neither of the boys mentioned the blood bath during our slog.

In true Felix fashion, when I noticed the scene of the crime as we got home and screamed "Felix! You picked your nose so hard you have blood all over your face!"

Hi responded with a cool, "Yum! I eat boogies!" And then took a scoop of his blood/boogie slurry and ate it.

He does need more iron...

(Yes, I took this picture before I cleaned him up, obviously. He wasn't distressed, and I needed to show Eric what he was missing tonight; ie, dessert.)


  1. I ADORE that you took a picture of this. That's how memories are made, folks!

  2. Oh goodness! One thing you can be sure of is that your life will never be boring. To be fair, someone of those passers by could have alerted you if the boys weren't concerned enough to! Note to self - carry tissues.