Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kriss Kross will make ya

And if you can't finish that lyric, then we really can't be friends.

I promise I don't feed my child bloody Mary's for breakfast; he just looks inebriated due to an awful 7AM iphoto moment.

I've mentioned a host of times how Miles feigns helplessness. One area that we are making progress on his getting himself dressed. In fact, it's kind of a perfect system: he has limited interest in picking out the clothes, but is willing to put them on himself. Perfect! I pick out the cute matchy-matchy outfit, and he does all of the labor. My kind of arrangement.

Until he started wearing his underwear backward. (Or underPANTS if you are my mom. *shudder*). I got him 2 sets of the days of the week undies from Gap, and he prefers to see the day of the week and corresponding animal on his crotch rather than have it on his bottom, which he cannot see easily. I don't blame him: party in the front! But as my friend Jenni and I discussed, this backward application just creates toddler thongs. It's uncomfortable watching him pick the crotch part out of his bottom repeatedly. Party in the front, wedgie in the back. It reminds me seeing side boob cleavage through women's shirts (you know what I am talking about. I get it too). It's not technically pornographic, but it makes you wince, and you instinctively shift your own undergarments because it just looks so dang uncomfortable.

Sure, we have had a handful of shoes on the wrong feet, but I mitigated against that by putting in arrows and a half circles in the inner soles with permanent marker. Basically, there is an arrow pointing to the inside of the shoe on both shoes, so the boys just have to get the arrows to point to each other. I also put in half circles on each so that when their shoes are together, it makes a sun. (I need to take a picture, huh.)

But recently we've had some trouble with the shirts:

I posted this to Facebook before work, and in addition to the obligatory "likes" when you post cute pictures of your children doing funny things, my MWBFF (Midwest best friend 4-eva), Amy, told me that Miles was actually on trend! Not only that, but she gave me some proof:

Cardigan worn backward
photo source this time tomorrow

And then I stumbled upon this refashion on Pinterest the same day:
photo source: Merrick's Art

Jump! Jump!
You know I had to finish it.
And now I double toucan dare you not to sing it in your head


  1. Okay, two thoughts:
    It is far easier to have a child who lets you choose his clothing and dons it himself backward than to have one who has strong opinions starting at age 2 (and doesn't dress himself).
    Celine Dion also wore a white backward tuxedo to the Oscars one year!
    Again, the child melts my heart.

  2. Miles has better fashion sense than I do. The end.