Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Too far of a leap?

My friend Amy forwarded me this great post on Imperfect Mommy about the epic challenge of eliminating the smell of boy urine from a house.

I've got 3 boys in like 1200 square feet.
2 of the boys don't wear pants 90% of the time.
1 of the boys has been known to eat urine soaked watermelon.
And I live in Atlanta, which I think is known as the "muggy" state.

So, yeah. At first I suspected that Amy sent this because she might have been getting some serious ammonia wafts from my boys' urinary tract brew all the way up in Wisconsin. But then I remembered the 1 hour time difference. (Again too far of a leap?)


I am currently looking to open up a nosegay shop in Etsy. It's my newest invention. Move over pee pee tepees.

No, I don't have a cat...I have sons


  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! It seems like everyone with sons experiences that common dilemma. Maybe outhouses should make a comeback.

    Jennifer (Imperfect Mommy)

  2. I tried everything to achieve better aim back in the day as well - signs for aiming, bribery, threats, monetary rewards, all to no avail.
    I would add that one has to replace or at least sand down and re-paint the baseboard heaters if you have them, too.
    I love the blog entry, Imperfect Mommy!

  3. The post makes daddy. (purposeful third person) look like the urine soaked watermelon eater! I didn't do it! Mine was Crenshaw melon.

  4. So this is what I'm in for? Gross!!! Hilarious blog link:)

  5. Hey Ali,

    Thanks for sharing the link to No, I don't have a cat...I have sons!

    I continue to try every air freshner and candle I can find. When you get that nosegay shop open, let me know. I might have to give it a try. ;)

    Marie at

    (urine soaked watermelon,huh?)