Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things to say on Twitter

So I flew head first into Twitter, and by that, I mean I cautiously joined, started following NPR, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, and Ellen DeGeneres. Folks, I just cannot get into the groove. It looks awful on my phone, and it doesn't seem intuitive on a computer, either. Am I missing some secret app or site to organize it all into a way that I don't stumble on the #, @, and the tinyURLs?

Here's the bigger problem...what should be my first post?!?! I have tweet anxiety. I feel like I need to initiate my presence with something funny, poignant, eye catching...you know, right after I figure out how to save New Orleans from Isaac and eliminate infant diarrhea, #realworldproblems. You likey? Just me enjoying some Twitter training wheels on here.

But all of the Twitter friendly things that pop into my head are more vanilla than those wafers used for banana pudding. Today's contender was: "you know the clothes are going to be expensive when you get the 'autumn' catalogue." And then I would throw down a hash tag related to Mini Boden. (Forget Nameberry, if you are looking for a trendy name, just pick up a catalogue and look at the tot models' names.)

And I had another vanitter/Twanilla moment yesterday while in the car. I challenged Miles to say "school" 7 times fast, his tongue got all flip flopped, and he tried to be funny by saying, "school, school, cools, asools...GUM!" It was almost as funny as his 1 and only joke: "why do birds fly all around? Because it is faster than walking!" But the really funny was when Felix anted up with his own ha-ha, "GOOSE POOP IN THE CAR!" It was almost like a little verbal tick. Of course, we all laughed, which just roused a repeat performance with an encore of Felix's famous call, "STINKY DIAPER!" #southerngentlemen.

I guess I'm not ready to contribute to the Twitter pool at this point...so for now, I'll enjoy following my non-sexual crushes.


  1. Sadly I don't even understand the whole dilemma or Twitter. I am officially an old person!
    To assuage my despair about obsolescence, I typed in the zucchini recipe for future (not too long in the future, I hope) use.

  2. you're so funny - just tweet! It's 140 characters and it's gone as fast as you tweet it. I love twitter. It's my big chaotic disaster where I follow all of my favorite mom bloggers, paleo bloggers, work bloggers, and connect with some friends who are so tech-future they refuse to use facebook. My twitter history is like a big vomit out of my brain.

    tweet with me! what's your handle?

    I started tweeting on a RAZOR for god sakes, as in, there were THREE letters on each digit. lol!

    If you like funnies, follow Conan and Jon Stewart, they make my day.

  3. Twanilla!

    I think coffee just came out of my nose.

    You should just go for it. You're about a million and a half times funnier than most of the people I follow (and I am not an "I'll follow you, you follow me" type of Twitterer).

  4. I started following you! :) Really, just tweet some stuff. The good news is, no one even sees it in the beginning while you get used to it. I've found many of our guest posters through relationships on Twitter. You can do it; it is actually fun. Wait until you attend a Twitter Party!! :)
    @merelymothers, @Sarahlynnes
    - Sarah

  5. I just joined. New grant requires me to be on it re: suicide prevention and thus i just signed up to follow a bunch of organizations. That and my friend's husband was just in the Huffington Post and was like Follow me on twitter. I don't get it...yet. we shall see.