Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vacation 2012: Tower Hill

(Photo courtesy of Tower Hill)
(Photo courtesy of my iPhone)
We spent an afternoon at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, where Eric and I got married. The day was a little overcast, and there is not a photo we took that really captures the Garden's essence, so I sprinkled in some of the Garden's marketing photos.

There was something magical about watching our boys run around the grounds at the same place we got married exactly 6 years ago. 
(Frog photo placement does not insinuate anything; just a nature shot Eric is proud of taking.)
 They have added a few things to the Garden since 2006 (our bar tab probably helped). Namely, a huge wooden hippo...
...and squirting turtles in front of the Orangerie, where we had our reception (photo courtesy of Tower Hill)
...and a new facility called the Limonaia (photo courtesy of Tower Hill)
There are a lot of great memories from that night. 
And sweat.
And pit stains.
And sillies.

For those in attendance 6 years ago, please acknowledge that I refrained from putting dance photos of y'all in here. It was *very* tempting...I don't know about you, but we partied our pa-tookuses off.
We enjoyed the Secret Garden, where we should have had the ceremony, but were rained out (photo courtesy of Tower Hill).
 Thankfully, we had our rehearsal there. 

 Secret is out...

I've "kissed" a lot of boys in that garden... (any comments about how much we have aged will be deleted.)


  1. What wonderful memories then and now. Tower Hill is stunning no matter what the weather.

  2. WHAT?! How did I not know that we got married at the exact same place, in the exact same year, rained out of the exact same secret garden?!

    It's like your vacation pictures are exactly the same as what we do every day. Was one of those swimming pictures at Dug Pond in Natick? That's where we go! Seriously... if I hadn't been away last week, we very well could have passed each other on the street. That is so funny.