Monday, August 20, 2012

Win the Fight!

Photo by Chris Hunt
I know, I know...the number of causes, charities, fundraisers you get blasted with causes moral distress. (And I am certainly not warming the cockles of Ayn Rand.)
This isn't a plea for pledges, it is purely an awareness campaign.
You know, for all 2 of you.
Eric was diagnosed with oral cancer back in some odd month of some odd year when I was still in the throes of postpartum bleeding with a second child who I think I named Felix. (That's an attempt to set the tone for early 2010, when I honestly didn't know to function after his diagnosis.)
Thank the Lord, we are still "in the clear" and every few months anticipate getting a clean bill of health from his oncologist.
One thing Eric promised was to give back to the cancer community. (Note: this did not include ironing his shirt in the preceding picture.)
Eric is participating in the Emory's Winship Cancer Institute's Win the Fight! 5K as a poster child and as a runner. He kindly signed me up to run, too. (I had better turn my training into high gear!)
If you are in the Atlanta area, I gently recommend being part of this event. Register to run; make a donation; or even just come out and cheer on the masses. (Unintended cancer pun. But I can make those, you know.)
We not only won this fight, it was like a TKO--one/two/punch DOWN! And now we have another chance to give back to the organization that solidified our win.
I hope to see you in October!


  1. That is so great! I wish I was close enough to participate, although I would just walk... I look forward to hearing how it all goes.

  2. So great to hear that Eric is doing well. Good for the two of you! Participating in the walk and trying to create awareness are great ways to give back. Stay healthy!

  3. Gretchen adds that she would walk along with me in support!

  4. Technically a TKO is when you get knocked down three times in the same round. I think you meant KO.

    Thank you for this though! I love you and love correcting you. I think that only happens on your blog though.

    Why am I still Philip Vigol?