Monday, September 17, 2012

Are you there God? It's me, Miles

One of the developments since Miles started going to PreK has been his fascination with the idea of "God."
Although, in true boy fashion, he doesn't wax poetic to me in the car about his day at school, from the conversations we do have, I can tell that they have talked about God.
My mom informed me that 4 is around the age that kids start thinking about these concepts and ideas.
Here was a conversation in the car we had last week. And by conversation, I mean Miles drilling me with questions and statements about God:
"Is God bigger than abiyoyo?
I want to see God as a baby.
How did God grow; did he eat his vegetables every night?
Does his tummy get bigger?"
It's clear that he is personifying this concept of "God" and most of the time, I have to be very general with my answers. You know, because I'm not sure how to answer them, either!
This weekend, Miles drew (see above) God on the walkway. My first reaction was, "it has a BODY!" It was our first non-head-footer.
Then Miles told me about his heart, which he drew. And some food in his belly (I think it is the blob by where God's liver would be...if s/he had one.)
And then he went on to draw God as a baby "with his fingers in his mouth" (he has this fascination with God being a baby...).
Felix kindly added a third leg. Or he was being anatomically specific in assigning a sex.
Regardless of what you believe, there is something magical about the moment our children realize the world is bigger than our house/city/planet...and that there are some amazing forces in the universe.

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  1. That third appendage would be totally in family tradition of anatomically correct drawings...