Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Food Thief

I birthed a human garbage disposal.
And thief.

Felix's produce affinity has not dwindled. Sure, he doesn't sleep with the rogue navel orange and half eaten apple anymore, but he certainly knows how to scale a wall, pick the most delicious looking produce in the basket, traipse over to the bathroom sink to wash it (trained him well), peel off the sticker, and then walk around eating it.

No biggie. I'm just 2 years old and self-sufficient.

I don't mind his independence, but I do mind him stealing produce. Especially after he has just eaten a serving. We are not yet completely bowel trained and I'd like to limit the volume of poop I manage in the diapers I still change.

It's not just produce, though. He'll go to any abandoned plate on a table and pick at the scraps. Heck, he'll pick at the scraps on the floor (*if I let any food stay under the dining table after a meal, which I would never do...oh no...not me.) The kid doesn't mind leftovers, and especially loves other people's leftovers. I guess he has to fuel his six pack and nighttime escapades somehow. (I am not exaggerating on either account.)

Just to prove I am not making up Felix's propensity for stealing and food "issues", tonight we had our weekly dinner/play date with the boys' best friend T. We rotate houses, and let our boys run amok while we chat and cook dinner.

Apparently Felix was looking for appetizers (what does he think, we run a Michelin star restaurant?), and found T's art project from school. It was a cute underwater scene with huge uncooked pasta shells and sea stars dotted with glued on Cheerios. Next thing we know, he's taken the art project and is eating the Os off of the sea creature.

If I wasn't with my close friend, I would have been mortified.

With Felix's constant hunt for edible materials and Miles's standard response to being nervous: "I'm hungry," do I need to look into obesity prevention already?


  1. OMG. I am dying of laughter. I love that kid.

    1. Seriously, I laugh so hard with him. He has some serious personality...and abs...and appetite. Can't wait for him to meet Maggie (the toddler version), soon!

  2. What a riot! Little crafters noshing on craft supplies was a typical hazard in preschool.

  3. He will be very helpful at Thanksgiving with the left overs. He's gonna eat everything when he's a teenager.