Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: volume 1

I did it.
I took a headless-public-iPhone-photo of myself.
Who have I become???
And now I am starting a regular series called "Goodwill Hunting" for the blog.
I think we'll try for every (other?) Tuesday.
All y'all know how that will go: (Sorry, had to use the Southern phrasing. It makes me giggle. Superfluosity at it's best. Can we talk to Merriam-Webster about "superfluosity?)
I will have grand intentions of establishing this regularly scheduled series (like my intentions with running in the morning every day, chore charts, and eating kale every day).
In about a month, I will completely abandon any semblance of commitment to this project.
Ah well.
Back to the headless picture.
What I have committed to and WILL follow-through with is not purchasing any new clothing for at least 1 year (12 months). Used, donated, and borrowed clothes are kosher. (That's my homage to all of my Jewish friends celebrating the New Year! L'shanah Tova!)
Oh, I am drawing the line at underwear. I'll ask Santa and/or Chanukah Harry for some new pairs...
I have mentioned a few times my obsession with Goodwill.
And now my obsession is only buying Goodwill clothes that are half off.
Let me just say--I get more compliments on my Goodwill clothes than I do on the ones I purchase from retail stores.
Here is today's breakdown. I took this photo in about 3 milliseconds for fear someone would walk in and think I was crazy.
Shirt: Banana Republic $1.50
Jeans: $2.50 (brand of unknown origin)
Boots: Nine West (brand new) $3
Tank top: Vicky Secrets $2
BAM! Not bad, eh?


  1. I so wish I lived near your Goodwill store! It has wonderful clothing, and I purchased one of my favorite summer shirts and a lovely dress there.
    You look as nice as can be in your bargain outfit.