Saturday, September 22, 2012


Take a peek at this article Eric shared with me last night. I've posted an interesting graphic from it below; it provides a lot of good fodder for discussion.

Our home has an iPad (and Eric and I could be accused of being slightly tethered to our iPhones)...and it may have been the keystone to getting someone in my household finally proficient at evacuating a particular cavity in his body, but like confectioneries, I believe in moderation. (I mean, I instituted an every Friday doughnut date with Miles when he started PreK.)

Part of my attraction to Felix's childcare and Miles's PreK is their focus on real-life play. At a recent parents' meeting, Miles's teacher said, "we go outside and explore whenever possible. And I do a lot of playing old school games like red light/green light, Simon says, and we learn a lot of the old nursery rhymes." I paused and thought--it says something when a teacher makes a point to emphasize the incorporation of what used to be the standard. Back when I was 4, there was no alternative.

Sure, I sung the praises of the iPad during our recent travel up the northeast (ie, LIFESAVER on a plane!), but I'll stick to counting and categorizing real bugs over electronic bugs any day.

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  1. As I remarked in an email, I believe fervently that young children need those real life experiences that involve all their senses as well as opportunities for socializing. Using an iPad for special circumstances like long plane or car rides makes it a delightful diversion rather than a predominant part of their lives. I don't think that not using such technology at a young age will cause them to be behind in technological skills. I believe that they will easily catch up and become proficient when it is more age appropriate to do so. Qualifier - I am a dinosaur...