Monday, September 10, 2012

Nice day for a...white wedding

Eric and I had the pleasure of flying to Pittsburgh to celebrate his best friend's wedding. He was the best man, so he had the ever important job of making sure his friend didn't hyperventilate.

Even though we both have been away from the boys, both independently and together, and even up to a week at a time, this was the first time that we both a plane ride away.

Felix reminded us of that when we were called by our family friends who watched them letting us know on Friday Felix had a fever and needed to stay home from school. Luckily, their family friend was able to watch him for the day (how does one repay someone like that?).

We had a blast. Note to self: starve yourself before  you go to the wedding of a professional chef, unless you are totally okay with gaining 5 lbs over 3 days. No, seriously.

Luckily, it didn't matter that I forgot our nice camera since I was too stuffed each minute of the weekend to manage a few lb camera. (Thanks iPhone!)

What was so refreshing about this wedding weekend was that it was non-traditional in a sense that rang true to how the couple is and are as individuals. The rehearsal "dinner" was like a casual party with make your own paninis, spicy buffalo chicken dip, lots of finger food, Izzy sodas and other fun adult beverages (I think one beer was called pig slap or something?). Oh, and mustache cookies along with tiny little cups of "booze mousse" as Eric and I call it.

Since Eric had a lot of best man duties, I got to...wait...hold on...TAKE A NAP one of the days. I also checked out Pittsburgh's finest shopping establishments, and may have forced myself to manage work e-mails to avoid that Monday slaughter of business waiting for me.

I also had time to play dress up on my own. Okay, so I have maybe 3 hairstyles to my name: up, down, and dirty. But I wanted to do something special for the wedding instead of my flat iron down "do."

I opted for the 21st century topsy tail mash-up.  Yup, I think that's the name. At least that's what Eric told me when I was fishing for a compliment later in the night: "Yeah...I like it. It's like a topsy tail." (Compliment? Or just proof my husband knows way too much about 90's hair trends?)

If I was a good blogger and friend, I would have a step-by-step (insert Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Sommers) video on how to do it.  Not only am I not a good blogger, but I would NEVER go to me for hair advice.

But alas, since no one asked, this is what I did:
  • I didn't wash my hair for a day prior to the wedding. (I remember in middle school my friend Kate telling me to always have dirty hair when you were going to make it look special. It's the same with clothes and underwear, right?)
  • I put my hair in a low pony tail and quickly curled the ends to disguise the 2 inches of split ends.
  • I did the "split the pony in the middle above the rubber band and flip the tail part through the whole" maneuver.
  • I did the maneuver described above TWICE, but instead of letting the tail flop down the second topsy turve (fabricated verb), I shoved it back into the hole area and blindly secured a bunch of bobby pins in there to hold the ends in place.
  • I sprayed my head with lots of hairspray.
Here is my iPhone picture of me trying to capture the end result with my reflection in a mirror. Notice I didn't capture any of the end result. And this was attempt #4 with the photo angle. Ah well.

Oh, you like my matching earrings and necklace? Yeah, I totally forgot my matching pearl earrings at home, so I had the big debate with my reflection whether or not to go with naked lobes, or non matching silver rings. The reflection won, and I decided to wear the non matching earrings. (See what happens when I have 2 hours to get ready by myself? I start talking to my reflection and watching a What Not To Wear marathon on TV.)

I was lucky enough to sit with my in-laws during the ceremony as they were invited as well. We all marveled at the entire ceremony--it was unlike anything we had ever experienced before.You know it's going to be amazing when the bridal party walks down to Trans Siberian Orchestra.

The space they held the ceremony and reception was unreal. It was a studio space called J Verno Studio. The lighting, the bar area, and the 6 monitors that broadcast all the sillies going on in the ALL NIGHT photo booth was amazing.

It was like the best of alternative weddings Pinterest board. (Why wasn't that around when I got married?) Some highlights:

  • Amazing food stations. Again, it helps when the groom is a chef. Make your own tacos, made to order pasta bar, carving station, sushi boats, fantastic passed appetizers, and at the end of the night as you exited the space, a cart outside with corn dogs and hot dogs.
  • Who needs cake when you can have PUSH POP cakes? And one of the flavors the "Elvis" with bananas, peanut butter, cake and crispy bacon. And to add to the delight, fresh churros and scoops of vanilla ice cream with caramel. Yes please.
  • Probably the best wedding DJ I have ever heard. We are all trying to get our paws on a mix of the songs he played. Like he really DJ'd...doing that "wicky-wicky-wicky" move with the records. And he played the theme song to Fresh Prince. 'Nough said.
  • Glow sticks!
  • And the photo booth I mentioned before. The best is seeing the pictures over the course of the night. Somehow, one of our friends mysteriously ended up with the Michael Jackson sequined silver glove from the props room. (Oops!)
  • Wine bottle holder for the 1st, 3rd, and 5th anniversary. It was a wooden box carved (?) with their names. You wrote messages to them for each of the 3 anniversaries and stuffed it in the box, where they will put wine bottles to enjoy on each of the special dates (and read our sentiments).
  • Move over champagne toast, it was all about the apple cider toast! (Though, I did spot some mini champagne cans with straws that made their way around the attendees.)
Seeing old friends and dancing the night away was totally worth it. And Eric and I had some nice time together without our pantless boys. I missed them terribly...but in my next post, you'll see why they might want us to go away more regularly...

(What is up with my face? And my slouching?)


  1. i laughed at about eight different points while reading this post. :) so glad you had a fun weekend away!

  2. I love your hair!
    It sounds and looks like a fabulous wedding, and I wish them all the best. The food sounds yummy!
    I will have to hear about Felix's illness. That's about right - he's been in school for a few weeks and the germs are circulating. I hope he's all better. You definitely have some treasured caretakers.

  3. Looks like such a fun weekend away and wedding! I often get Pinterest wedding jealousy. If only I had waited 5 or 6 years to get married! IF ONLY!

  4. Based on the level of Pinterest addiction that I had for a toddler birthday party, I can safely say that I am ELATED that it wasn't around when I got married.

    You look fantastic in all of the pics! I had to laugh b/c i totally did the topsy turvy hair for a wedding we had earlier this summer. It is so convenient for dancing, isn't it!?

  5. Glad i was a witness to this.. I love ur blogging! Keep it up momma! It was get seeing you guys over the weekend, next time.. I want to see the lil guys too! Miss you all! -DrP