Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012: "The Hat Trick"

Who said 3rd children get the shaft?
This one already has a costume at 15+ weeks gestation.
Coming April 2013
(preferably not sooner)

Shirt purchased at, you guessed it, Etsy (JellybeanApparel)
Explanation of yesterday's post: I received TUT's e-mail the day I was almost certain I was pregnant. Um, hello--did you catch it was sent at 4:16am? 4+1+6 = 11. Shut up!

 It's players were being gathered and settled. Rather, burrowed into my uterus. And yes, I did a huge happy dance.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

August 7, 2012

from: The Universe
date: Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 4:16 AM
subject: TUT... A Note from the Universe

You'll know when you need to know, Ali, and not a moment earlier.

That's how it works when the answer you're looking for depends on other events that must first settle, new players that need to be gathered, and serendipities that are still being calculated.

Ali, sometimes, not even I know, until I know.

But you will,
The Universe

Thoughts become things... choose the good ones!®

In the meantime, Ali, keep dreaming, keep busy, and if you're feelin' it, do a little happy dance.

Monday, October 29, 2012


We are not under the spell of hurricane Sandy right now, but Atlanta is experiencing some major wind.

You know what that means...kite flying! (Or in Felix's case, sitting on mom's lap and complaining it's too windy.)

 Add professional kite flier to his resume...right after hairdresser.

Goodwill hunting: volume 7

Ah, snap! I got caught taking a picture in the loo! Luckily, it was one of the confirmed blog viewers from my work, so I didn't look like a total weirdo.

I call this top: when a butterfly and a waitress mate. 

My jeans look all crooked and baggy, which is funny because they aren't in real life.

Flower Top: Kenar (?), $2.50
Jeans: Paper Denim, $5.00
Wedges (not seen): Kenneth Cole Reaction, $6.00

Goodwill outfit total: $13.50

Here is a failed attempt at an outfit I wore quite some time ago. I took the pictures in a different bathroom and I just wasn't feeling it. And the blur is killing me.

Polka Dot Tank: Lands End Canvas (with tags): $2.50
Flare jeans of unknown origin: ??, $3.00
Cream knit cardigan: Borrowed! FREE
Pink flowered (not shown): Kenneth Cole Reaction, $6.00

Goodwill outfit total: $11.50

The obsession with polka dots is obvi. Previously I have expressed my polka passion in an early post of the Goodwill (GW-gee dubbuya for short) series. Below is one of the first tops I got at GW, and I would go as far as to call it my "woobie".  I kinda want to sleep with it nestled in the crook of my neck. The fit, the feel, and the keyhole. Girl can get excited about a shirt, huh?

Polka Dot "Wobbie": Banana Republic: $2.50
Black Pants: Express, $6
Pumps (not seen): Nine West, price unknown. They were purchased back in *gulp* 2002. I think we were still using a bartering system back then, and I probably got them for a wheel of cheese.

Goodwill portion total: $8.50

Friday, October 26, 2012

Use whatcha got

It's Fashion Friday over at merelymothers!

So, my friend Amy, aka "haute mama", clued me into this super inexpensive store to go shopping. 
As in free. 
And it ain't a dumpster. about instead of shopping my own closet I fly up to visit her and go through hers??

Head over to merleymothers and take a lookey about how she used her Pinterest inspiration board to shop her closet.

And drop her a line or question or comment. 
 Or just ogle at her fashion sense and long legs.

While you are at it, little birdies, follow the whole Merelymothers gang on Twitter or Facebook.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: volume 6

One of the disadvantages of my iPhone Goodwill series is that I not only decapitate myself, but also perform some footapitation. (There she goes again making up words.)  I thought it would be fun to do a post just on the few pairs of shoes I have picked up.

I am inspired by my friend, Amy, who posts cute Instagram photos of her shoes. (Follow her at: amyschlott).

In all honesty, I've never been a shoe or purse kind of girl. So just bear with me as I'm always about 4 months behind trend...

While my Goodwill clothing stash is getting pretty substantial, my Goodwill footwear selection does not nearly boast the same volume. Understandably (or at least I think so), I am very particular about buying used shoes. If I get shoes at Goodwill, they need to look as though they have only been worn in the store to try on, or they don't get selected. So when I find one at $6 a pair (and 50% off if I get the lucky color of the week), it's worth the browse through the shoe racks each visit. (Truth, they are actually now $6.95, but I'm sticking with the $6 tag I've purchased most at.) I've actually put my summer shoes away, so the few sandal-type items I have purchased at Goodwill are not represented below.

Brown Leather Boots: Nine West, $6 
(I actually had 2 pairs from Goodwill--one $3, and this one at $6, but the first pair hurt too much and I donated back!)

Pink flower flats: Kenneth Cole Reaction, $6

Blue "denim" wedges: Kenneth Cole Reaction, $6

Brown leather flats: Nicole, $3

 Blue satin flats: Gap, $6

Okay, this pair isn't from Goodwill, but I just got for a sick price. The are called BellaSole shoes. They retail at $22, and after a deal of the day and some extra coupons, got them with shipping for about $5. They are FOLDABLE "shoes" that you can essentially roll up into a ball. I think their target market is the drunk girl who stumbles out of the club and dreads walking home in her heels, but as someone who doesn't walk a tremendous amount at her job and would love to operate life in total "house shoe" mode, these are a welcome addition.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Glass half full: Monday

Mondays are tough. Especially when Sunday night your entire house sounds like they have emphysema and you find yourself curled up on the floor in an origami quilt configuration with a death breath-y 2 year old.

Doesn't help when there is a vehicle fire on the interstate going into work and you are scooting along next to a truck that clearly could not pass an emissions test.

Or when you realize at work that your underwear is on inside out, but the thought of taking your pants off and fixing it is just.too.much.

But I'm glass half fulling it today.

You know what I love?

  • 2nds in rotation for morning showers. The bathroom is already all steamy so the snap of cold doesn't go straight to your core.
  • Pulling out a bagel for breakfast and getting rewarded with one that doesn't have a hole. You know what I mean--there is so much bagel-ness, that the whole just looks like a squished belly button. Tastes better, no?
  • Making every left hand turn signal on your commute without every hitting a red.
  • Walking into your work's bathroom stall and seeing the seat flipped up. First-ies on the clean toilet!
My husband picked a winner. Doesn't take much to make my day.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sail away, sail away, sail away...

Don't judge. 
Enya got me through a lot of thesis writing nights in college. 

One Haute Mama just *nailed* the nautical (x8).

It's Friday fashion, folks! Sail on over to Merelymothers to see for yourself.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The backhanded compliment

I can totally withstand the occasional backhanded compliment, but when it involves my kids, I get a little Xena: warrior mother.

Eric was telling me that the other day at his faculty lunch, a co-teacher was commented on how her children are finally able to sit through an entire 1 hour + mass without issue. I am sure Eric inserted some witty quip about how our children are able to sit through the 10 minute commute home--totally tethered to their carseats and pumped full of crackers so they aren't inclined to fuss.
And then the dig, disguised as a compliment: another co-worker commented, "But Eric, your kids are so...CUTE!"
Clearly that teacher did not know about the one (and only) time a gentleman and his elderly father came over to us at IHOP to let us know how well behaved our boys were.


Okay nonresponsive readers--what are some of the best backhanded compliments you have received?

$375,000...and counting.

I know, I know...the new of Lance stepping down as chairman for the Livestrong chairman and losing is Nike endorsement is hot buzz. But it is the best thing that could happen to the foundation, so that it can focus more on its mission and less on the fact that they were being represented by someone who, sadly, still denies what has (in my opinion) been well established. But that is another discussion I will get fired up over.

Someone asked me if I would take off the yellow bracelet I have worn since Eric was diagnosed (and promised to wear until he hits his 5 year mark of being cancer free). I won't. I did not and do not support the group because of Lance.

And there are so many other organizations out there supporting cancer research efforts. As I mentioned in a previous post, Eric and I were so honored to take part in Emory's Win The Fight 5K. We just got notice that they have raised over $375,000, and are still raising money through the end of October.

That ain't no chump change, peeps.

I previously expressed how impressed Eric and I were with the race--the volunteers, the infrastructure, the port-a-potty guy who was cleaning them out after about every 5th person. (He even had on a white button down shirt and khakis. Bless this sanitation saint.)

The race also posted hundreds of pictures that participants were able to download, watermark free!

For a guy who was 6th overall and first survivor, I say not too shabby!

Of course, he was all, "I look so out of shape. My legs are bowed. My calves are big...and my upper body looks 'soft'." (Really, Eric? Who says men can't be vain.)

I guess in comparison to below, he should feel pretty embarrassed. (Insert opposite day).

Oh see this below? It was the end of the race and I was just *pulling* that poor Eric along. He looks so, so...spent. And that random guy next to me in red. The things us elite runners will do. (Okay, truth is that Eric ran back to me after he finished, got a snack, enjoyed a massage, cured cancer, etc, and then found me the last quarter mile or so, and the photographer just got a bad angle.)
I hope Eric's XC schedule allows us to participate again next year. And I hope to see some of you Atlanta folk out there with us.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The rumors are true...

(picture courtesy of

I saw this little rumor on Twitter from my friend, and just got confirmation this morning.
Outside of binders of women, best idea evah!
(Please take it is nonpartisan humor.)

Win the Fight

Eric and I participated in Emory's Winship Cancer Institutes' 2nd annual Win the Fight 5K. It was a gorgeous morning, and an event that drew a crowd of 800 in 2011, witnessed well over 3,000 participants this year--take THAT cancer shmancer!

The course was, well, hilly. Neither Eric or I are in "racing" shape, so he just wanted to see if he could be the first survivor, and I wanted to see if I could just survive. Both accomplished! I actually stripped off my timing strips, didn't use a watch, and jogged the entire thing. Sure, the competitive nature that still makes up much of my fabric just about died every time a pink tutu or someone in Vibram five finger shoes sailed past me, but I committed to jogging. (Next up, the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving!)

Eric was interviewed for a video on the event and asked why he part, he runs because he can. And we both ran/jogged/slogged, for those who cannot.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: volume 5

Although I have figured out how to (reduce security) reply to comments on the blog, I realized that unless the commenter comes back, there is no way for them to read a response.

Last week a reader named Katy asked me if I wash the clothes a special way before wearing them. I wash them, but no special way. I use Charlie's Laundry Liquid (love) and a scoop of Seventh Generation Oxy cleaner/stain remover.  Generally we wash all clothes on a cold/cold cycle, but with Goodwill, I do amp it up to warm. It either lets lingering bacteria fester, or as I hope, burn off. I also spray any shoes with Bac-Out.

So far, no communicable diseases!

Today's picture is a little extra blurry b/c I heard approaching footsteps as I was taking the shot. One of these days I will get caught. And it will be supremely embarrassing. Luckily, there are a couple of blog readers at work, so if it was one of those girls, I'd be okay!

Today' outfit breakdown:

Purple Tunic: NIOTTO (this is a total random brand. Probably sold at like Forever 21 or something. But the tunic is super-de-duper soft, and I love the chain details at the neck!) $2.50
Black layering tank  (unseen): Banana Republic, $2.50
Black leggings: Random brand (NOT from Goodwill--from a store called Gabriel Brothers in OH), $3.00
Grey boots: Simple brand, $40 (NOT from Goodwill. From last year. Still mourning the disbanding of the company. These boots are AMAZING! I wish they had my size in the brown.)

Outfit total: $48
Outfit total (Goodwill portion): $5

Also, I stumbled upon this online. A Goodwill auction! I am pretty satisfied with my Goodwill store, but this might be an interesting alternative for those who don't have what I consider to be the mecca of thrift stores within 10 minutes of their house.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Great Pumpkin 2012

As tradition dictates it, we found ourselves back at Kinsey Family Farm for some pumpkin patching with our friends. We love Kinsey; it isn't as big and face-painty as the other joints, but feels like a much more authentic experience (sorry Burt's...just too commercialized in my totally biased opinion). I am looking forward to Christmas tree shopping and s'mores at the farm soon, too! (Yes, I just mentioned Christmas. According to Lowe's, I'm late on getting my decorations.)
I actually, brace yourselves, brought our camera to take pictures! Too bad the Mac ran out of batteries and I have to pull these from Facebook. Hence, the miniature photos.

This is my favorite shot. The kids (Eric included), waiting for the tractor ride. And you can see the OCD Christmas trees in the distance. Love.
Merry October, folks!

Friday, October 12, 2012

One Haute Mama

My best-y from mid-westy found another hour (I think she's up to 26 hours in a day now?) to assume a role as fashion guru at on of my favorite blogs, Merely Mothers!

You *have* to check it out.



(I know I just got the juices flowing of you mathletes). 

Fashion Fridays COMMENCE!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big kids scare the heck out of me

Big kids scare the heck out of me
Big kids scare the heck out of me
Whenever I see them, gosh, oh gee
Big kids scare the heck out of me
-John Lithgow's  song "Big Kids" from his CD, Singin' in the Bathtub
I have to begin with...Miles is *loving* his preK program. He has never expressed any resistance to going each day, and I've enjoyed watching him do things with Felix that are clearly taken from his experience--like be bossy. Yes. I like seeing him be bossy. He loves his teachers, his friends, and I hope according to his teachers, is thriving. Although, like so many other moms I have talked to, when you press your kids for school details, they totally give you a 1-liner and then tell you they are too tired to talk about it, "Mommy, I'm too tired to tell you. Let's wait until Daddy comes home."
Although he doesn't mention it as much, the one area of lingering sensitivity in this new preK program is...THE KINDERGARTEN CLASS. Apparently it's made up of overwhelming monsters who are 6 feet tall and resemble ogres. I mean, according to Miles.
I've talked about it here before, but Miles is my shy and nervous kid. Felix is the antithesis to that. One of my challenges as a mother is to work through these different personalities, and support each of them as they navigate through life.
I'm not the first one to have birthed polar opposite personalities. When I  read: When Your Child is Afraid of Everything...or Nothing over at Imperfect Mommy, I was all, guuurl, I totally get it!
Miles is my observer. Although he can be physical with Felix, he is not the first boy to jump off a slide, or dart toward a soccer ball and get caught up in a 4-year-old melee. And yet, just a little over a month at preK, and he has started taking dominance over the little kids at his old childcare that he goes to after preK. It's been interesting to observe.
I've realized that more than "things," Miles is afraid of "big kids." I've asked him what he thinks they will do to him, or why they are scary, but he always responds with "they make me nervous." Eric thinks it all stems back from the one baby who randomly slapped Miles at childcare when they were less than 1 year. At first I dismissed this, but one time when I asked Miles about being nervous, he told me that at childcare a boy hit him when he was a baby.
Okay, that's a little strange.
Anyway, Miles is fine around adults, or teenagers who must seem like adults to's just those loud and crazy kids from like 3-12. His preK is the first time he has consistently been around more than 2 kids who are bigger and older than he. And I can't wait to see his growth at the end of the year in terms of his comfort level with "big kids".
I don't expect him to become my alpha child, and I certainly have no problem recognizing that his social nervousness may be enough reason to have him do the whole preK thing again. (Well, that and the complete lack of interest in holding a pencil and writing.) But I am confident that his social and emotional growth this year is going to be remarkable.
**I've included the full set of lyrics for Lithgow's song. It's quite catchy and we sing it a lot at our house.
Big kids scare the heck out of me
Big kids scare the heck out of me
Whenever I see them, gosh, oh gee
Big kids scare the heck out of me

Big kids comin' down the sidewalk
Bid kids running through the halls
Big kids racin' cross the playground
Big kids playin' ball


Big kids are loud and noisy
Big kids are strong and tall
Big kids are rough and tough and rowdy
They make me feel so small


Now here's a story that goes along with the song

I saw a little kid coming round the corner
He saw me and ran and hid
I asked him what he was afraid of
Was it something I did?

He said -

He said I scared the heck out of him
He said I scared the heck out of him
I'm a real nice guy, wouldn't hurt a flea
And this little fellow was afraid of me

He said - Big kids scare the heck out of me
Big kids scare the heck out of me
I told him I got news for you
Big kids scare the heck out of me too

He said no
I said yeah


Well we talked it over for a real long time
He laughed a lot, he did a little crying
The very next day when I saw him again
This little fella had become my friend

Well now, big kids never scare the heck out of us
Big kids never scare the heck out of us
We wonder now why we made such a fuss
'Cuz Big kids
Big kids
Big kids hardly ever scare the heck out of us

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just because

This came in the mail last week.
I tell you men of the world (who are clearly not reading this blog), it's the little things.

Eric, I am posting this at 11:11am.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: volume 4

I still get those new-agey "notes from the universe" sent to me every day. And although I know I read into them far more than I should (in a few weeks, I'll post about a very eerie one I got in August), the one I got today screamed "PUT ME IN YOUR GOODWILL HUNTING POST!"

Actually, it didn't scream. It was just my overtired inner monologue talking to me. Sybil anyone?

You have noticed, Ali, that people usually do see past appearances?

Which basically means that on any given day you can wear any old thing and they'll still get your goodness, feel your love, and know you rock.

Fear not, they really see you -
The Universe

It also means, Ali, you're even hotter than HOT.

I read this as even more support for my Goodwill addiction. When push comes to shove, no one really cares that you are wearing used, inexpensive clothes!

Today's outfit breakdown:

100% wool sweater: Charlie and Robin (didn't know what this was. Googled, and it is carried at Anthropologie! Some C& R sweaters retail for over $200!), $2.50
White t-shirt (unseen): J.Crew, $1.00
Skinny-legged jeans (that are getting too small for me): Guess, $3.00
Brown leather boots: Brand unknown, $20 (NOT from Goodwill. From last year)

Outfit total: $26.50
Outfit total (Goodwill portion): $6.50

Hotter than hot--I think the universe was discussing the wool sweater. Good thing it's chilly in Atlanta this week!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Running solo

Photo courtesy of Tim LaBarge, a fantastic Portland, Oregon editorial photographer.
How did Tim get such a great photo of me? Oh yeah, because he didn't; that's Kara Goucher.
Dear lord...the lines of her muscles. Drool.
"That's the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success.They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is." - Kara Goucher
Why I chose the busiest time of the year to try to increase my running is beyond me. Don't be surprised if I start wearing a hair shirt and commit weekly self flagellation.
If only I could run as fast as Kara and get that body. Aich ee double hockey sticks, I'd just settle for one of the two. (Not sure "settle" is the right term--sell my soul to the devil?)

Here's the thing.
I am not a "legit" runner in the sense that I didn't do it in high school or college.
But being married to someone who has done it for most of his life, and is obsessed, I naturally caught the "bug."
And yet, the moment I started really getting into it, that whole pregnancy thing happened. Then it happened again. And then I got to the point where I felt it impossible to not only get back into shape, but also pursue all of those personal record goals I have penciled in my running log from 2007.
I've dabbled in running over the past *gulp* 5 years, but never felt like I was capable of feeling a runner's high again.
I read books based on running and motherhood.
I tried stroller running (now THAT will do nothing good for your running ego after taking time off).
I followed women runner blogs.
I was determined to become that reinvented mom runner.
And then I figured with my fitness in the crapper, I'd take my extroverted personality and start running with friends. If I can't run for races and PRs, I might as well do it for the conversation! Hey, without cable, I need someone to tell me who the Sexiest Man alive is each year.
See, I was never a group runner. Never, ever, amen.
So I started testing the waters of running with some other gals. Casual group runs not based on pace or course, but time.
And then I started weekly Sunday Runday with Eric and the boys.
And this is what I realized.
I don't like running with other people.
Women, husband, my children...
For me, the perpetual extrovert, I turn into an introvert when I run.
I can't explain it, but that doesn't mean I won't try in  3 seconds:
I think running for me is like this blog: therapy.
It awards me space and time to think and do all sorts of "izing": Hypothesize. Catastrophize. Ruminize. Imaginize. (Sorry, I really wanted to keep with the "ize" thing. My blog. My rules.)
 And I recently realized I do a lot of "mantra-izing" while running.
I remember back when Eric and I lived in a condo in another part of Atlanta, there was this road I ran down at the end of most of my runs. It was over a mile long, highly trafficked. I hated it. And so every time I ran that stretch, I would say in my head:
Who loves Briarcliff?
Nobody loves Briarcliff!
Who loves Briarcliff?
Nobody loves Briarcliff!
Rinse and repeat for the entire mile. Somehow, the mile never seemed as long or arduous when I did it.
And I'm pretty sure I wrote my entire Master's thesis on my runs.
When I run with other people, no matter how fast or slow the pace, my body is aware of each fast/slow twitch muscle firing. I'm aware of my cadence, how loud my foot strikes are, and if other people are breathing as hard as I am. Are my shoes squeaky?  Do I look at my watch and let them think I am in pain? But I am in pain...but do I let them know? Should I totally fake a lace untie so I can just take a break from all of this...PRESSURE?
I become too self conscious, and running actually seems harder.
When I am by myself, running is secondary to all the self-talk I do.
And I like it.
I like running by myself because I forget about running. Yeah. Seriously.
The other weekend while Eric, the boys, and I were at the Silver Comet trail for our Runday Sunday, I came to terms with the fact that I am, at the core, a better, and happier solo runner.
Scene: Eric is pushing 800lbs of double stroller while I am way too self conscious about my pace and trying to answer Miles's millionth algebra problem, "Mom, what is 100 times 10 times 100?"
A triathlete in a fuel belt runs by us. (You know a triathlete when you see them. Right?)
Eric quickly picks up the pace. This is like the biggest ego crash for him of all time. It doesn't matter that he is pushing a double stroller with 2 big boys, and pacing an out of shape wife. It was a personal assault on his character if you asked him.
I, myself, had no right to be running foot to foot with this guy, but I felt an inordinate amount of pressure to keep up. And I still had that damn math problem to answer to my probing son.
And my breathing was labored.
And I was getting a stitch.
And I was mad at Eric "just because."
The moment was just awful. My mind was too busy and I started tightening up. I was not having fun.
Felix lost a shoe (that kids has timing), and Eric and the boys stopped to retrieve and get a snack. (You know how hard it is to be a passenger in a stroller. Works up the appetite. Poor kids.) 
I kept slogging along alone. I started, without really being aware I was doing it,  "Mantra-izing":
Run, Mama, run.
Run, Mama, run.
Run, Mama, run.
I was probably actually going faster than before, but I actually felt so much better. In full disclosure, I was hoping the shoe search and snack would take a few more minutes so I could have more time with myself.
And then a 50-year-old woman in a running skirt AND a fuel belt AND a tennis visor passed me.
Run, Mama, run.
Run, Mama, run.
And no.
I did not catch her.
But I felt great.
All 11 minute pacing with myself.
And I started to compose a fantastic letter in my head to someone special in my life.
And I realized that the elusive running high was not out of my reach in my, seemingly, crippled post-two birth state.
I feel good about running again. I don't feel good about my shape, and know that this year is not the year to be focused on racing (I'm saving that for 2014--Boston, I will slay you before I am 40), but instead, focused on my therapy: running solo.
Addendum: After writing this entry and scheduling it, my bestie from mid-westy published this on her blog. It goes to show you that running is an amazingly personal experience.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Muppets Take Mitt Romney

25 cents to anyone who gets the movie reference in the title.
Strike that.
A hay penny. (I am upping it to 50 cents if you can give me the muppet/hay penny record reference. Uncle Nick?)

I try super duper hard not to baste my posts in any sort of political butter, but when innocent muppets start getting involved...

Don't worry; this post has nothing to do with any commentary on tonight's first debate between Obama and Romney. It certainly was a performance, and I'll say that in terms of delivery, I think one seemed far more prepared and polished than the other-regardless of content. I'll refrain from talking about content, because that's when I start getting partisan. Win, lose or draw, I already know who I am voting for, have for a long time, and at this point, will let the political spin doctors stay up all night pumping us up with relentless political chit chat. I'll just enjoy seeing what the first lady's wear at the end when they love on their hubby's.

Anyway, we rarely watch tv, outside of PBS Kids, and I only get my news from...hold your breath...NPR.

I have yet to determine whether it is a tragedy or a blessing that I just learned who Honey Boo Boo is 2 weeks ago. That, and I'm still trying to understand what Gangnam Style is.

So, you see, Mitt-ens did a great job allowing me to deem this post as timely and relevant as I am about to sing the praises of public television for the 18 and older crowd. Turn off your exploited, made-up toddlers, and tune into what I think is some real important television.

I've been doing a lot of late night laundry, which has given me the opportunity to view quite a few PBS documentaries. Outside of the no commercials, I am almost always drawn in to Frontline because of the narrator. How can anyone deny his delicious voice? If Morgan Freeman declines my invitation to narrate the audio book version of my yet to be written Pump Up the Jams: Pump Out the Baby Food book about pumping, I'm going straight for Will Lyman.

Here are 3 documentaries that I encourage you all to view.

Dropout Nation
No matter where you settle on the political spectrum, our education system is in crisis. Teachers are amazing. And I am not just saying that because I married one.
The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan (goes straight to the video link)
As a mother of boys, this disturbed me to the core. Like, I kind of wanted to puke in my mouth.

Independent Lens
Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide
After seeing this, I *have* to read this book. (Santa, are you reading?)

Now, can all you political peeps lay off of our stuffed friends? If you are going to attack any PBS character, at least go straight for Bob the Builder, I'm not a fan.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: volume 3

Um, could I have just consistently posted a blog series 3 weeks in a row? (Thanks schedule feature!) For today's entry, I have both bathroom shots, AND a 10:58pm photoshoot at my house...with white paper taped up to my wall with painter's tape. And a lot of overtired sillies between me and Eric. And limited lighting. And no photoshop.

Verdict--I think iPhoto is the better route for the series despite the staph-infected floor and headless presentation.

Too bad I took a good few additional outfit shots in the poor lighting with Eric for subsequent weeks.

C'est la vie.

Today's theme is wild and crazy tops!

Above outfit breakdown:

Kandinsky inspired sleeveless top: Kenneth Cole, $3.00
Navy blue cords: J.Crew $3.00
White cardigan: random brand (Byer?) $1.00
Gold flats: Mossimo ('sup Target brand!), new, $3.00

Outfit total (all Goodwill): $10.00

Below are some outtakes of the 11pm shoot.

I have the Kandinsky on with the 2nd pair of 7 jeans I got at Goodwill a few months ago (another $14 splurge!)

And I include this to show you that it should only be days before Tyra calls...

Wild and crazy shirt #2. Eric calls this "bleeding giraffe."

I call it an Ann Taylor steal at $2. 

Giraffe sleeveless top: Ann Taylor, $2.00 
Jeans: Paper Denim, $5.00
Black cardigan: Banana Republic, circa 2005, price ???
Hidden high-heeled brown boots: Nine West (new), $6

Goodwill portion of the outfit total: $13.00

Below's winning smile? Priceless.