Thursday, October 18, 2012

$375,000...and counting.

I know, I know...the new of Lance stepping down as chairman for the Livestrong chairman and losing is Nike endorsement is hot buzz. But it is the best thing that could happen to the foundation, so that it can focus more on its mission and less on the fact that they were being represented by someone who, sadly, still denies what has (in my opinion) been well established. But that is another discussion I will get fired up over.

Someone asked me if I would take off the yellow bracelet I have worn since Eric was diagnosed (and promised to wear until he hits his 5 year mark of being cancer free). I won't. I did not and do not support the group because of Lance.

And there are so many other organizations out there supporting cancer research efforts. As I mentioned in a previous post, Eric and I were so honored to take part in Emory's Win The Fight 5K. We just got notice that they have raised over $375,000, and are still raising money through the end of October.

That ain't no chump change, peeps.

I previously expressed how impressed Eric and I were with the race--the volunteers, the infrastructure, the port-a-potty guy who was cleaning them out after about every 5th person. (He even had on a white button down shirt and khakis. Bless this sanitation saint.)

The race also posted hundreds of pictures that participants were able to download, watermark free!

For a guy who was 6th overall and first survivor, I say not too shabby!

Of course, he was all, "I look so out of shape. My legs are bowed. My calves are big...and my upper body looks 'soft'." (Really, Eric? Who says men can't be vain.)

I guess in comparison to below, he should feel pretty embarrassed. (Insert opposite day).

Oh see this below? It was the end of the race and I was just *pulling* that poor Eric along. He looks so, so...spent. And that random guy next to me in red. The things us elite runners will do. (Okay, truth is that Eric ran back to me after he finished, got a snack, enjoyed a massage, cured cancer, etc, and then found me the last quarter mile or so, and the photographer just got a bad angle.)
I hope Eric's XC schedule allows us to participate again next year. And I hope to see some of you Atlanta folk out there with us.

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