Monday, October 22, 2012

Glass half full: Monday

Mondays are tough. Especially when Sunday night your entire house sounds like they have emphysema and you find yourself curled up on the floor in an origami quilt configuration with a death breath-y 2 year old.

Doesn't help when there is a vehicle fire on the interstate going into work and you are scooting along next to a truck that clearly could not pass an emissions test.

Or when you realize at work that your underwear is on inside out, but the thought of taking your pants off and fixing it is just.too.much.

But I'm glass half fulling it today.

You know what I love?

  • 2nds in rotation for morning showers. The bathroom is already all steamy so the snap of cold doesn't go straight to your core.
  • Pulling out a bagel for breakfast and getting rewarded with one that doesn't have a hole. You know what I mean--there is so much bagel-ness, that the whole just looks like a squished belly button. Tastes better, no?
  • Making every left hand turn signal on your commute without every hitting a red.
  • Walking into your work's bathroom stall and seeing the seat flipped up. First-ies on the clean toilet!
My husband picked a winner. Doesn't take much to make my day.


  1. Wise woman --- we can't change what happens to us, but we can change how we respond to the events of our day, and doesn't that make the day better?! Finding the humor is great, too(As I am writing this, Greylock has her head down resting on my wrist which makes for challenging but heartwarming typing)!

  2. Oh, and yes, Eric did pick a winner!