Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: volume 3

Um, could I have just consistently posted a blog series 3 weeks in a row? (Thanks schedule feature!) For today's entry, I have both bathroom shots, AND a 10:58pm photoshoot at my house...with white paper taped up to my wall with painter's tape. And a lot of overtired sillies between me and Eric. And limited lighting. And no photoshop.

Verdict--I think iPhoto is the better route for the series despite the staph-infected floor and headless presentation.

Too bad I took a good few additional outfit shots in the poor lighting with Eric for subsequent weeks.

C'est la vie.

Today's theme is wild and crazy tops!

Above outfit breakdown:

Kandinsky inspired sleeveless top: Kenneth Cole, $3.00
Navy blue cords: J.Crew $3.00
White cardigan: random brand (Byer?) $1.00
Gold flats: Mossimo ('sup Target brand!), new, $3.00

Outfit total (all Goodwill): $10.00

Below are some outtakes of the 11pm shoot. I.just.cannot.be.serious.

I have the Kandinsky on with the 2nd pair of 7 jeans I got at Goodwill a few months ago (another $14 splurge!)

And I include this to show you that it should only be days before Tyra calls...

Wild and crazy shirt #2. Eric calls this "bleeding giraffe."

I call it an Ann Taylor steal at $2. 

Giraffe sleeveless top: Ann Taylor, $2.00 
Jeans: Paper Denim, $5.00
Black cardigan: Banana Republic, circa 2005, price ???
Hidden high-heeled brown boots: Nine West (new), $6

Goodwill portion of the outfit total: $13.00

Below's winning smile? Priceless.


  1. I want to shop where you shop! I think it's a chrysanthemum print myself. Everything is pretty and flattering.

  2. Just caught up on all of your posts.

    1. I can't believe you found those clothes at Goodwill. I used to look there a lot, but rarely came up with anything from the brands you mention, or even remotely in the last ten years' fashion. Now that I've moved to a rich suburb, perhaps I should look again! Question: When do you shop there? Do you take the boys? I feel like it's one of those places to have to dig around to find good stuff, and I'm just now BARELY getting to the point of being able to take Owen places where I actually have to do more than just grab things off a shelf.

    2. I cried like a wee babe watching those train videos and sent them to everyone I know. Maybe it is the boy mom thing, but my heartstrings were pulled.

    3. The food issue is hilarious (and that rash is scary). Owen has a penchant for eating things off of other peoples' plates, but thankfully he isn't too hell bent on eating pre-chewed gum. Yet.

    1. Kate, great questions!

      1. I shop on Sundays--WITHOUT CHILDREN. I have been going to this Goodwill for almost 2 years, now, and over that time have figured out the best strategy. The way our store is run is that each piece of clothing is marked by a colored tag. Each Sunday, a new color tag is 50% off! So, I shop on Sundays when the 50% off tags change color. Generally, all shirts are $4.95, pants are $5.95, dresses are $5.95, etc. But then you can score them for 50% off, too. They have a special-priced area where they have individual tags and prices on "nicer" items like the boutique jeans, etc. What's funny is I found a Michael Kors shirt in the regular area one time, but almost always see White House Black Market in the specialty price areas. Go figure. I can fly through because I only look for the 50% off tag in the rows. (Everything is organized by color, not by size in terms of the clothing). I will say this Goodwill is known for being one of the best in the area. I think a lot of very generous and well dressed women drop clothes off here. The men's selection is really sad, though.

      2. Don't those videos just make you melt? We watched them again last night. Now the boys have asked me if I can make their trains have moving faces. I tried to talk about video production...they didn't get it.

      3. I pray Owen doesn't start down the path of freeganism. It's a slippery (and germ-ladden) slope.