Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: volume 4

I still get those new-agey "notes from the universe" sent to me every day. And although I know I read into them far more than I should (in a few weeks, I'll post about a very eerie one I got in August), the one I got today screamed "PUT ME IN YOUR GOODWILL HUNTING POST!"

Actually, it didn't scream. It was just my overtired inner monologue talking to me. Sybil anyone?

You have noticed, Ali, that people usually do see past appearances?

Which basically means that on any given day you can wear any old thing and they'll still get your goodness, feel your love, and know you rock.

Fear not, they really see you -
The Universe

It also means, Ali, you're even hotter than HOT.

I read this as even more support for my Goodwill addiction. When push comes to shove, no one really cares that you are wearing used, inexpensive clothes!

Today's outfit breakdown:

100% wool sweater: Charlie and Robin (didn't know what this was. Googled, and it is carried at Anthropologie! Some C& R sweaters retail for over $200!), $2.50
White t-shirt (unseen): J.Crew, $1.00
Skinny-legged jeans (that are getting too small for me): Guess, $3.00
Brown leather boots: Brand unknown, $20 (NOT from Goodwill. From 6pm.com last year)

Outfit total: $26.50
Outfit total (Goodwill portion): $6.50

Hotter than hot--I think the universe was discussing the wool sweater. Good thing it's chilly in Atlanta this week!


  1. Ali, I love your Goodwill finds! I'm curious, do you wash them any special way before you wear them?

    1. I wash them, but no special way. I use Charlie's Laundry Liquid (love) and a scoop of Seventh Generation Oxy cleaner/stain remover. Generally we wash all clothes on a cold/cold cycle, but with Goodwill, I do amp it up to warm. It either lets lingering bacteria fester, or as I hope, burn off.

  2. You look wonderful, Alison. I have my Maine Goodwill slacks on today.
    Your universal wisdom makes me think about your previous post about Kara Goucher, and that it's not so much how she looks and the definition of her muscles as it is good health, well being and feeling emotionally sound that is a worthy goal.