Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: volume 5

Although I have figured out how to (reduce security) reply to comments on the blog, I realized that unless the commenter comes back, there is no way for them to read a response.

Last week a reader named Katy asked me if I wash the clothes a special way before wearing them. I wash them, but no special way. I use Charlie's Laundry Liquid (love) and a scoop of Seventh Generation Oxy cleaner/stain remover.  Generally we wash all clothes on a cold/cold cycle, but with Goodwill, I do amp it up to warm. It either lets lingering bacteria fester, or as I hope, burn off. I also spray any shoes with Bac-Out.

So far, no communicable diseases!

Today's picture is a little extra blurry b/c I heard approaching footsteps as I was taking the shot. One of these days I will get caught. And it will be supremely embarrassing. Luckily, there are a couple of blog readers at work, so if it was one of those girls, I'd be okay!

Today' outfit breakdown:

Purple Tunic: NIOTTO (this is a total random brand. Probably sold at like Forever 21 or something. But the tunic is super-de-duper soft, and I love the chain details at the neck!) $2.50
Black layering tank  (unseen): Banana Republic, $2.50
Black leggings: Random brand (NOT from Goodwill--from a store called Gabriel Brothers in OH), $3.00
Grey boots: Simple brand, $40 (NOT from Goodwill. From 6pm.com last year. Still mourning the disbanding of the company. These boots are AMAZING! I wish they had my size in the brown.)

Outfit total: $48
Outfit total (Goodwill portion): $5

Also, I stumbled upon this online. A Goodwill auction! I am pretty satisfied with my Goodwill store, but this might be an interesting alternative for those who don't have what I consider to be the mecca of thrift stores within 10 minutes of their house.


  1. Can we PUH-LEASE go to this mecca when I visit next month? (we're not the same size so we won't even fight over the same stuff! ha ha ha)

  2. What fun, Alison! Thanks for taking us along on your fashion journey.