Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: volume 6

One of the disadvantages of my iPhone Goodwill series is that I not only decapitate myself, but also perform some footapitation. (There she goes again making up words.)  I thought it would be fun to do a post just on the few pairs of shoes I have picked up.

I am inspired by my friend, Amy, who posts cute Instagram photos of her shoes. (Follow her at: amyschlott).

In all honesty, I've never been a shoe or purse kind of girl. So just bear with me as I'm always about 4 months behind trend...

While my Goodwill clothing stash is getting pretty substantial, my Goodwill footwear selection does not nearly boast the same volume. Understandably (or at least I think so), I am very particular about buying used shoes. If I get shoes at Goodwill, they need to look as though they have only been worn in the store to try on, or they don't get selected. So when I find one at $6 a pair (and 50% off if I get the lucky color of the week), it's worth the browse through the shoe racks each visit. (Truth, they are actually now $6.95, but I'm sticking with the $6 tag I've purchased most at.) I've actually put my summer shoes away, so the few sandal-type items I have purchased at Goodwill are not represented below.

Brown Leather Boots: Nine West, $6 
(I actually had 2 pairs from Goodwill--one $3, and this one at $6, but the first pair hurt too much and I donated back!)

Pink flower flats: Kenneth Cole Reaction, $6

Blue "denim" wedges: Kenneth Cole Reaction, $6

Brown leather flats: Nicole, $3

 Blue satin flats: Gap, $6

Okay, this pair isn't from Goodwill, but I just got for a sick price. The are called BellaSole shoes. They retail at $22, and after a deal of the day and some extra coupons, got them with shipping for about $5. They are FOLDABLE "shoes" that you can essentially roll up into a ball. I think their target market is the drunk girl who stumbles out of the club and dreads walking home in her heels, but as someone who doesn't walk a tremendous amount at her job and would love to operate life in total "house shoe" mode, these are a welcome addition.


  1. wowsa! nice work in the shoe department! i had to laugh at the foldable shoes - while in Vegas, all four of us contemplated buying the Dr. Scholls version of those (sold in our hotel version of Walgreens) because our feet hurt so much from walking around in ridiculous shoes! I like your animal print version way better!

    1. Having bought and brought a pair of the Dr. Scholl's to a wedding, I can vouch that they are fabulous - not nearly so cool as the animal print ones!!

  2. I love, love, love all the flats. I cannot even mold my feet into a shape to try on heels, so flats appeal to me. Very cute!