Thursday, October 4, 2012

Muppets Take Mitt Romney

25 cents to anyone who gets the movie reference in the title.
Strike that.
A hay penny. (I am upping it to 50 cents if you can give me the muppet/hay penny record reference. Uncle Nick?)

I try super duper hard not to baste my posts in any sort of political butter, but when innocent muppets start getting involved...

Don't worry; this post has nothing to do with any commentary on tonight's first debate between Obama and Romney. It certainly was a performance, and I'll say that in terms of delivery, I think one seemed far more prepared and polished than the other-regardless of content. I'll refrain from talking about content, because that's when I start getting partisan. Win, lose or draw, I already know who I am voting for, have for a long time, and at this point, will let the political spin doctors stay up all night pumping us up with relentless political chit chat. I'll just enjoy seeing what the first lady's wear at the end when they love on their hubby's.

Anyway, we rarely watch tv, outside of PBS Kids, and I only get my news from...hold your breath...NPR.

I have yet to determine whether it is a tragedy or a blessing that I just learned who Honey Boo Boo is 2 weeks ago. That, and I'm still trying to understand what Gangnam Style is.

So, you see, Mitt-ens did a great job allowing me to deem this post as timely and relevant as I am about to sing the praises of public television for the 18 and older crowd. Turn off your exploited, made-up toddlers, and tune into what I think is some real important television.

I've been doing a lot of late night laundry, which has given me the opportunity to view quite a few PBS documentaries. Outside of the no commercials, I am almost always drawn in to Frontline because of the narrator. How can anyone deny his delicious voice? If Morgan Freeman declines my invitation to narrate the audio book version of my yet to be written Pump Up the Jams: Pump Out the Baby Food book about pumping, I'm going straight for Will Lyman.

Here are 3 documentaries that I encourage you all to view.

Dropout Nation
No matter where you settle on the political spectrum, our education system is in crisis. Teachers are amazing. And I am not just saying that because I married one.
The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan (goes straight to the video link)
As a mother of boys, this disturbed me to the core. Like, I kind of wanted to puke in my mouth.

Independent Lens
Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide
After seeing this, I *have* to read this book. (Santa, are you reading?)

Now, can all you political peeps lay off of our stuffed friends? If you are going to attack any PBS character, at least go straight for Bob the Builder, I'm not a fan.

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  1. "Muppets Take Manhattan?" and the Christmas special of which we had an album?
    Sadly I agree with your assessment of last night's debate, although at age 61 with a 5:45 AM rise time, I could only take the stress until 10 PM. I was dismayed by Mitt's flippant and dismissive put down of PBS. For one thing, there is a whole lot more to public broadcasting than Sesame Street and the Lehrer report as good as they both are. I have "Half the Sky" on DVR to watch and will have to seek the others. In the realm of wonderful drama, I recommend "Downton Abby" of course, and "Call the Midwife" which is currently running on Sunday evenings. Public broadcasting is such a tiny portion of the budget, it seems cruel to single it out.