Thursday, October 18, 2012

The backhanded compliment

I can totally withstand the occasional backhanded compliment, but when it involves my kids, I get a little Xena: warrior mother.

Eric was telling me that the other day at his faculty lunch, a co-teacher was commented on how her children are finally able to sit through an entire 1 hour + mass without issue. I am sure Eric inserted some witty quip about how our children are able to sit through the 10 minute commute home--totally tethered to their carseats and pumped full of crackers so they aren't inclined to fuss.
And then the dig, disguised as a compliment: another co-worker commented, "But Eric, your kids are so...CUTE!"
Clearly that teacher did not know about the one (and only) time a gentleman and his elderly father came over to us at IHOP to let us know how well behaved our boys were.


Okay nonresponsive readers--what are some of the best backhanded compliments you have received?


  1. Truly confident parents don't have to boast about their children... and back handed compliments are so passive-aggressive, don't you think?

  2. Oh. And I still remember feeling despair when I had to leave church with all three of you when you were little ("God, if you want me at church, please help my children behave..." said, to no avail) because you were all fussing. Look how great you all turned out!