Monday, October 15, 2012

The Great Pumpkin 2012

As tradition dictates it, we found ourselves back at Kinsey Family Farm for some pumpkin patching with our friends. We love Kinsey; it isn't as big and face-painty as the other joints, but feels like a much more authentic experience (sorry Burt's...just too commercialized in my totally biased opinion). I am looking forward to Christmas tree shopping and s'mores at the farm soon, too! (Yes, I just mentioned Christmas. According to Lowe's, I'm late on getting my decorations.)
I actually, brace yourselves, brought our camera to take pictures! Too bad the Mac ran out of batteries and I have to pull these from Facebook. Hence, the miniature photos.

This is my favorite shot. The kids (Eric included), waiting for the tractor ride. And you can see the OCD Christmas trees in the distance. Love.
Merry October, folks!


  1. You aren't kidding about Christmas. Several weeks ago Maggie saw a Christmas tree in Kohls and asked me about it and since then she keeps asking when we get to have a Christmas tree. Nevermind the holidays in between now and then!

  2. Your favorite pictures are my favorites, too. It looks like a really nice outing and a nice way to end a productive weekend. Kudos to Eric on his Saturday run.