Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Win the Fight

Eric and I participated in Emory's Winship Cancer Institutes' 2nd annual Win the Fight 5K. It was a gorgeous morning, and an event that drew a crowd of 800 in 2011, witnessed well over 3,000 participants this year--take THAT cancer shmancer!

The course was, well, hilly. Neither Eric or I are in "racing" shape, so he just wanted to see if he could be the first survivor, and I wanted to see if I could just survive. Both accomplished! I actually stripped off my timing strips, didn't use a watch, and jogged the entire thing. Sure, the competitive nature that still makes up much of my fabric just about died every time a pink tutu or someone in Vibram five finger shoes sailed past me, but I committed to jogging. (Next up, the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving!)

Eric was interviewed for a video on the event and asked why he part, he runs because he can. And we both ran/jogged/slogged, for those who cannot.



  1. That's fantastic. We are proud of you both. What a blessing that Eric is healthy and strong and running to help fight cancer.

  2. I just have to add that the numbers and letters to be copied sometimes defy identification, so I was surprised that the previous comment went through!