Monday, November 12, 2012

I know technically, if you ask my 4-year-old, crickets don't say "cricket," but they say "chirp". But with all the twitterizing going on, I feel like you might think I am about to go on a tear about social media.


I posted the last 7+ entries weeks ago (outside of some pictures), so in my mind it feels like an eternity since I have been here. I am in that slump again of not having much to write or say. (There are rumblings of a Felix/naked/potty post coming up. Cliff hanger!)

General status: Okay. Last week was tough for a number or reasons, and Eric thinks I am going through an existential crisis. But the baby is fine, I am slowly getting my husband back from months of Jury Duty and XC obligations, and the boys are keeping life incredibly fulfilled.

Non sequitor! (That's the old Ali we have missed and adore.)

We recently had a family shoot with Kate T. Parker, and again I am stunned by her ability to capture the essence of my family. What I love the most about her is that the process is not forced and we literally just run around a park for 30 minutes. When I first saw her images when a friend introduced me to her, I figure she had this huge camera with all these lenses and magical photography accoutrements. Nope. She has a camera and lens that is smaller than ours. And then she gets these images that take my breath away. Note--this is in no way a comment on the *quality* of her equipment, but more commentary on her composition and artistic judgement. And while it may not be the traditional posed and standard photography that some in my extended family prefer, her images are the ones I want to look back on in decades to remind me of what the boys were like.

I'll do a more complete post with images soon, but wanted to lay down 2 images that are keeping me going and positive today.

When these photos came in to my inbox recently, I was reminded how beautiful my boys are to me...


  1. They are heartwarming images!
    Also, if you don't have much to write, perhaps that means not too much drama going on! Can you give yourself a break and just write when so moved and inspired? I as a blog follower would be fine with that.