Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: volume 8

Have you noticed how flouncy my tops have been for the Goodwill series? It's all fun and games until someone gets knocked up.

But it goes to show you that I am committed to my Goodwill mission: 2012. But soon I am extending Goodwill to also be good-will. Meaning, I have 2 extremely awesome friends (wait, all my friends are awesome!) who have been willing to let me borrow their stash of maternity clothes. So along with the dregs I found in the attic (remember, I was preggo for like 2 days the first time, and on bedrest with the uniform of jogging suit or hospital gown with the 2nd. My stash is thin.), I am enjoying a totally new maternity wardrobe thanks to the good-will of my friends. (Dash added for emphasis, not integrity.)

Until the full belly panel is in effect, I can still squeeze into some non-maternity Goodwill offerings. And thank jeebus for leggings.

This was a great option because by nature, this Gap top is totally on par with what maternity tops look like. It is not, in fact, a maternity top, though!

Black button down tunic: Gap , $2.50
Aqua tank top (not seen): The Limited, $2.50
Brown Leggings (new): Random brand, $2.50
Teal flats: Gap, $6, as seen below and in a previous Goodwill post:

Goodwill outfit total (Goodwill portion): $13.50

Here is another flouncy top for you. Perfect for bump-hidin'

Silk top that APPARENTLY looks like it has a rapping ghost on the front: Karen Scott, $2.50
Flare, low rise jeans: Random brand, $3.00
Belly band to hold in "Nugs" (not seen): Free; good-will from friend

Goodwill outfit total: $5.50

Bump watch 2012-2013 commence.

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  1. It's fun to have a "new" wardrobe in part courtesy of friends! Lucky you that styles right now lend themselves to wearing pregnant or not. You look cute!