Friday, November 2, 2012

It's the final countdown...


Anyone else only think of Arrested Development and the opening of G.O.B's magic show when you hear that song?

Best show ever.

 So, as far as I am concerned, this truly is the final countdown in reference to my uterus. 
(Eric, start Kudzu-ing urologists.)

What better way to commemorate the experience than with a little DIYing of a maternity countdown shirt?

I am so crafty, I not only make people...I also make make shirts that chronicle my making of people.

Let's fess up: I take zero credit for this shirt. Check out the full tutorial here. (It took a bit of time, but totes worth it.)

And yes, I imagine there will be a ridiculous video montage come spring. Fun music recommendations welcome--although, I'm a little partial to the Flannery Brother's Tambourine song. 100% totally not pregnancy-related, but apparently I like to pose with instruments on my head.

I know, the pictures are dark. But the shoots take place late night on Sundays. The boys cannot be trusted with huge amounts of white background paper taped to the ceiling. And I cannot be trusted with their play instruments. Don't you worry...I've got some pictures with maracas and recorders, too.

If I was super duper crafty (and had a sewing machine), I would make a onesie out of the t-shirt upon nugget's (aka Jesus's) arrival. Mom? Looking for a spring craft?

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  1. I love the boys "playing doctor". I can tell in the last that you feel huge, but believe me - you are not! I remember that experience when I was pregnant with you and thought I was the biggest thing going - not. That said, have you forgotten how tiny any newborn baby is?! I don't think, even given my limited sewing skills, it would make a onesie for Newbaby Heintz!!!