Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chri-mass time in Instagram

Blah, blah...Instagram wants to sell your photos. Listen, my guess is that come January 16, this all will be resolved, and because I've put myself on arm rest (precursor to bedrest), I can't use our nice camera and am forced to use the iPhone. Instagramming it up.


We are a day away from our big North Pole Limited train ride in Chattanooga, but we've been swimming in Christmas festivity for a fortnight (or Chri-mass as Felix says).  

OMG. Did I just use the term "fortnight?" Even more...did I just say "OMG" to distract you from the insertion of some old English? 

This is how my brain works--Christmas reminds me of John Denver and The Muppets famous record A Christmas Together, which includes the song "Christmas is Coming." You know, geese-fat-ha'penny, etc. And ha'penny makes me think of old English. And then fortnight bubbles up in my brain. See? And now I am off to find 21st century access to this album because I'm not sure I can "burn" our family's old record. 

Late November we said goodbye to Milky White (or Lily as I named her years ago--strange how that name still lives on in our family in human form!):

(Upgrade documented later)

We (read: my husband. I did not sign off on the volume, color or arrangement of the lights) decorated the peeling wrought iron steps. Nothing like 2 month old pumpkins, lead poisoning and barely enough LED lights.

We enjoyed the unseasonably warm days for weekly nature walks. (Santa's sleigh DOES work in leaf piles you know.)

We (I) said hi to nugget in early December and are confident this child is going to be a dancer. Specializing in jazz hands. (And let's just ignore that it looks like the baby is missing the top portion of its skull.)

We got our Christmas tree and enjoyed fire roasted marshmallows at the farm.

We decorated and learned about the difference between fashion and decorations. Yes. Santa has hairy legs AND wears house shoes!
 Speaking of fashion, we got dressed up and drove around to view Christmas lights.
Speaking of Muppets (see ha'penny above), we went to see the Center for Puppetry Arts's seasonal performance of Rudolph with our best friends. I know; I am entering this photo into some sort of photography contest. If you look long enough, an actual picture emerges.

And to date, we have visited with 3 versions of Santa. Although the one at the boys' childcare was the least realistic (hey, not all of the priests are okay with growing a beard all year round), the boys were the most excited and comfortable with him.

Next up--Train Ride and Minivan ride to Ohio!

Merry Merry!



  1. Hahahaha. Several things in this post made me laugh out loud (you know, LOL).

    1. Your baby's jazz hands. And missing skull. Though one of these things should NOT be funny...

    2. Your boys with stockings on their feet. Owen insists on doing this EVERY NIGHT.

    3. Your dark ghosty-y picture. I have so many of these on my phone.

    And, as a sidenote, I didn't even bat an eyelash at your Old English to modern acronym swing. You pulled it off so well.

    Also? I, too, am waiting to freak out and jump ship on Instagram, because I have to imagine they are going to change their terms due to the uproar. I'll let other people do the complaining and I'll just keep posting pics.

    1. 1. Luckily, it seems this kid is going to be a performer (that, or it is "shy hands" and I have another introvert), so skull or no skull, people will be charmed.
      2. Who said boys don't have a penchant for stockings?
      3. I am glad to hear that you have blurry/dark photos, too. Especially because you also have a really nice camera and take awesome pictures (like, Pinterest pictures!). It's like I can use you as a barometer of coolness and know I am still okay.

      I just heard today that Instagram is rewriting it's policy. You know, that policy I never read in the first place this past week during the brouhaha. As you noted, I have faith that the public outcry is large enough it will get resolved. I mean, total bystander effect here.

  2. I love every photo, even the dark and blurry one. Does baby not look like Miles? I think the rusty, colored light, pumpkin festooned steps are really neat - a very different look - and it makes a great photo. Instagram will probably want to use it for a Halloween ad which will garner it buckets of money of which you will receive none (not really, I know). I love all the boys' dressing up as it reminds me of you three doing the same thing when you were young. What you all did not do, was love visiting any Santa!