Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Saving our marriage...one prescription at a time

Listen, marital strife is no joke, and I am probably taking this whole "how eye glasses saved my marriage" too far in that there is nothing in need of saving. But I am a girl of follow through, and I started it in a previous post and now feel obligated to finish it.

The day after I posted how free eyeglasses was the ticket to spicing up our marriage (I've now inflated it to saving our marriage), in that I think my husband actually commented on me looking [fill in with a benign adjective along the lines of "worth being seen with"], I got this postcard in the mail.

If you'll remember, I got this one below in the mail a few weeks back. At least I think I posted about it here. The glasses have sharpened my vision, but dulled my memory. If it wasn't posted here, it is definitely on my Instaobsession feed. I'm telling you...I'm a cheap date and sell. I don't even require full letter postage.
So the day I get the 2nd love postcard from Eric, I get a message while en route to pick up the boys that we are going on a surprise date night.

And dontcha know, we go and see a movie with 3D GLASSES.
See the theme, universe?

It was the first movie I have seen in 3D since Captain EO at Epcot circa 1986. In all honesty, Michael Jackson's Jerry Curl in 3D back in the 80s was more amazing. And I truly think that Life of Pi was probably just as magical without the tiger jumping out at my face. But really the glasses served a different purpose, no?

One prescription at a time, folks. 


  1. I believe you did post the first postcard as well. Well, I think Eric is a keeper! I am glad you two got to enjoy a date night before new baby time.

  2. We have day 6 and day 9! Day 6 will be for xmas but we already love day 9! Heather :)