Monday, December 10, 2012

The Twelve Days of Bookmas

As if opening 3 advent calendars a day in preparation for Christmas isn't enough in this house, a few months ago I decided I would wrap a book a night for the month of December to have the boys open for nightly reading.

Then I calculated how much money 25 nights of books would cost (because you know I am self proclaimed book snob and usually only buy hard cover books). So then I got more realistic and decided to do the 12 days before Christmas.

Then I re-calculated how much 12 nights would be, and still felt like we might have to switch to cereal for dinner for the rest of the year.

Then I contemplated wrapping books that we haven't read in a few months and having them open them in hopes of some book amnesia.

Then I discovered Amazon's used book selection and other online used book sources and spent a few weeks collecting used books in excellent condition and secured all 12 for between $1 and $3 a piece (and we had some Barnes and Noble gift cards that we used, too).

I used the boys's old art and cut out the numbers 1-12 and pasted them to the wrapped books. I'll place them all under the tree on December 13, and each day one boy will have to find the right # and can unwrap the book to read. You know, a twofor: learning #s and getting a gift. Well, maybe even a threefor in that we don't have to read James and the Giant Peach for a few nights (we are already on the re-reading it phase).

I present to you the 2012 Twelve Days of Bookmas:

Day 1:

One by Kathryn Otoshi

Day 2:
The Great Pie Robbery by Richard Scarry

Day 3:
Look! Another Book by Bob Staake

Day 4:
Who's  Hiding? by Satoru Onishi

Day 5: 
A Stick is an Excellent Thing by Marilyn Singer

Day 6:
Inside Your Outside by Tish Rabe

Day 7:
Bugs Galore by Peter Stein
Day 8:
Many Moons by James Thurber

Day 9:
The Big Green Book of Beginner Books by Dr Seuss

Day 10:
Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman

Day 11:
The Cat in the Hat Comes Back by Dr Seuss

Day 12:
The Big Book of Berenstain Bears Beginner Books by Stan and Jan Berenstain

No one can say we don't read to these 2.5 kids...


  1. What a wonderful (fun and educational) tradition! I love the book selection, too. I look forward to reading them when I come down.

  2. I love the idea! You win the Literacy Mom of the Year Award! We always (still do) read "The Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve just before bed (which now means before MY bedtime, not theirs!)