Tuesday, January 22, 2013

11 = 1/3

Before all of you mathletes get your quotients in a bunch...I do know that the equation above isn't mathematically sound. 
Unless your brain is wired like mine. 
In which case...condolensces.

I am 1/3 of the way through my 33 random acts of kindness with the completion of #11.

And there I was, a few days ago, concerned that 33 was such a "vanilla" number...it's divisible by 11! And Eric reminded me it was the age Jesus was when he died! (Um...thanks, hon.)

For the most part, I have tracked my progress exclusively via Instagram. Much like my DSLR, I know just enough about it to be dangerous. What I don' t know is how to take amazing pictures and then weave them into a grid. After some Google searching, I settled on a free app called "FrameMagic". It's junior varsity at best, but in my price range.

Trouble is, 33 doesn't fit into a grid very well. Nor does 11. So below I have the first 9 random acts along with #10 and #11 sitting on their own.

11 down, 22 more to go...

I included links to some of the sources of the random acts in case interested.
  1. Give a 100% tip. (Okay, it was at Starbucks on a $4 drink. *Update! I found out that my husband secretly gave 300% tip at IHOP when we went out for dinner recently, and had the most horrible service. He didn't even do it in honor of my mission, but said he did it because he needed to do something so he didn't blow up at the server. Show off...)
  2. Dropped off a new pair of running socks in the mailbox of a neighborhood gentleman we have seen run every single day by our house for 4 years.
  3. Taped change to my company's $0.25 pop machine.
  4. Cooked cinnamon pecans for someone we know who mentioned she liked pecans.
  5. Sent 2 free movie ticket vouchers to a couple who I know need a date night out!
  6. Taped 2 lottery tickets to the gas pump.
  7. Baked gluten free peanut butter cookies for a co-worker recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance and just announced she is pregnant.
  8. Gave a friend an awesome eco-friendly t-shirt from Etsy's OneLaneRoad depicting backyard chickens. (She really really really really wanted chickens and a coop for Christmas. Santa didn't get the memo, so I improvised for her.)
  9. Dropped off a donation to a local elementary school (my kids do not attend there, yet), for them to buy daffodils for their garden. 
  10. Went to Target.com, printed out all of the online coupons and taped them to the products at the store.
  11. Planted a bunch of $1 bills to Target dollar items. (Totally bring your kids for this one. They were "making it rain" with the dollah dollah bills throughout the aisles.) 


  1. I love all of these, and following them on Instagram. The $1 at Target's dollar bins is genius! Going to make some kid (or Mama) so, so happy!

  2. I particularly love #8 & # 10 but love them all of course. Question - #3 - "Pop machine" ? =:)

  3. Wow, this is great! I love the running socks one. That probably made his day!