Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I beat Meryl!

I was nominated, y'all!

And when I win (I'm channeling the whole The Secret manifest destiny for you. Oh wait. Or it's just destiny manifesting... #marriedtoahistoryteacher), I will thank my supporters for the virtual Liebster badge that I will forevemore use as a weapon against self-doubt.

But seriously. There's no winning (from what I gather). Amy from Anthologie was super sweet to consider me for a Liebster award. It comes at a crossroads, as just like Jodi Foster, I've been toying with retiring (from blogging).

And by toying, I mean wondering what happened to my mojo and peeling off the layers of envy I get while I read all the other fantabulous viral mommy blogs that started way after my emergence in 2007, and threatening to close up shop. But then I remember my mission statement. Wait, you haven't read it? I promise it is coming through copy review by the EOW.

I had never heard of a Liebster Award before. Although, I had never heard of Gangnam style until well after the singer PSY was accused of Anti-Americanism and David Gregory's version of the dance on the Today show stopped trending on Twitter. So...yeah...I'm not really up on the times.

Amy posted a great breakdown of the award:

What is a Liebster award? A Liebster award is given to blogs with less than 300 followers as a way of making them more well-known. The rules for the acceptance are:

1) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you
2) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back
3) Answer the 10 questions posed by the blogger who nominated you
4) Select 3 – 5 bloggers for the award
5) Pose 10 new questions to the new nominees
6) Post the award on your blog

Here are my questions from Amy:

1) Why did you start blogging?
Because I thought I was dying from pregnancy in 2007 and needed to talk about it. No, seriously.

2) What are your blogging goals?
My ultimate goal is to stay connected with family and friends who do not live close. Following a close second, is documenting these precious early years of my life as a mother. Finally, it's my way of trying to connect to other people. In my dream world, I'd quit my day job, become a professional photographer, and blog about it all day after spending my mornings with my kids, running, and eating copious amounts of avocado. Shoot for the stars, because even if you miss, you hit the moon on the ride back...err, it's something like that. (Y'all know I don't quote. I "paraphrase.")

3) What is your favorite article of clothing?
Yoga pants and unitards. (Okay, I just had to add the last one in the 11th hour before I know this is scheduled to post...Amy will understand.)

4) What is your favorite blog that you read?
Not fair; that's like Sophie's Choice! Honestly, I enjoy reading blogs of those with whom I have a personal relationship with (I think we call those "friends?"). You know, not the ones I stalk.

5) Facebook or Twitter?
Snail mail. (Okay, okay, Facebook).

6) What is something that currently challenges you?
Tying my shoes. Having patience. Feeling like I am doing a good job as a mom.

7) Paper calendar or electronic?
No question: paper

8) What is your favorite cosmetic?
BareMinerals pressed bronzer. It's amazing.

9) As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
In kindergarten, I wanted to be a bus driver. My parents then gave me the salary scale and knew at a young age I couldn't drive stick or parallel park, so I started looking more toward actor or doctor. You know, saving lives or playing someone on TV who saves lives.

10) What is one of your goals for 2013?
Honestly, run a half marathon PR after I have this baby. Realistically? Run 13.1 miles without walking. Oh, and reducing envy.

And now I present to you my nominations! This was hard because pretty much all of the blogs I follow have 400+ followers. So these may, in fact, have far more than 300 readers, but I went by any official "members" posted on your sidebar, or just selected you because I like you and you *don't* have any "members" posted so I convinced myself you qualify.

1) Imagine Our Life Stephanie and I were "due date buddies" on a message board back in 2009. Okay, let me tell you that this girl has got some sick (as in amazing, not norovirus) skills with felt. She makes the most amazing "quiet book" pages and scenes. If she ever comes out with a book to sell, I'm selling my first born to get the funds to buy one.

2) Our Casual Friday Kelley is actual a pretty new addition to my Google Reader, but seems to have had the same mission with her blogging roots: "I started this blog back when I was newly pregnant with my little baby guy, Brixton, in a sad attempt to connect to a cold, dark world. You see, I live in the Chicago area, but our family and friends are scattered all throughout this nation/planet, so starting a blog just made sense." I love her posts, her perspective, her style...and the fact that she is going to be all "who the heck are you, and what did you just nominate me for?" Surprise!

3) This Place is Now a Home I know...the chances of Kate's blog having less than 300 readers is laughable, but she doesn't have an obvious readership count on the! You're it! You may know Kate from Pinterest and her awesome Popcorn Costume...or her famous pregnancy test reveal. I know Kate through another Kate. And she just brings sunshine to my Google Reader. She is also a working mother, just trying to make sense of it all...with an amazingly cute kid and some pretty awesome posts. I do vow to meet her in person one day.

Here are my questions:
1) What is the hardest thing about blogging?
2) What's your biggest vice?
3) Sweet or savory?
4) What time to you get up in the morning (follow-up for bonus points: what do you eat for breakfast?)
5) What is a totally embarrassing story that you are willing to share?
6) Would you rather lose the ability to use your arms or your legs? (Anyone else play this game as a kid? Okay, that's not an extra question...)
7) What is your biggest fear?
8) Mac or PC?
9) What is your favorite part of your body?
10) What would you like your child(ren) to remember about you when they grow up?


  1. Ali, THANK YOU! What a sweet intro/advertisement/description of our strange mutual-blog-love relationship.

    First things first... do you want to know why I don't have an obvious reader counter on my blog? Because even though I have a lot more readers than I did when I started, I still feel incredibly jealous of those with far more than me. So, I hide my numbers. I am a wuss.

    Also, I feel like a total jerk for saying this, but I don't usually participate in these blog awards. I really have no idea why, because they are lovely and I totally support the sentiment to find other great blogs. Also, the "tag 10 blogs" thing exposes the fact that I have almost no time to read other blogs, which makes me feel selfish. I guess I'm just a scrooge. BUT, I am happy to play along here. I'll give you my top-of-mind answers to the questions.

    1. Hardest thing about blogging = definitely the totally self-inflicted rule that I have to blog every weekday. Some days (especially when things are going really well and I don't have much to say other than "things are going really well") I just want to skip writing, so then I do, and then I check my numbers and think "WHY AREN'T PEOPLE READING?!" and then I remember that it's because I'm not writing. That feeling is the hardest part. No one really cares whether I write every day except for me, so I should just forget the "rules" and write when I want to write.

    2. Biggest vice... peanut butter? Eating ungodly portions of healthy foods does NOT make it ok.

    3. Usually sweet. Although in this pregnancy I have had quite a hankering for salty snacks like pirate booty and buttered popcorn.

    4. On work-from-home days or weekends, 6:30 or 6:45am. On days when I have to go into the office, 5:45 or 6:00am. I used to have cereal every day. HUGE bowls of cereal (see #2). Recently my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease so our cereal selection has decreased dramatically. Since then I've been having more oatmeal and eggs and stuff (when I work from home).

    5. The very short version? I nearly had a panic attack and an exploded bladder on the duck tour my girlfriends and I took for my bachelorette party. THANKFULLY I made it to the end of the tour and literally knocked little children over to get to the toilet in time. (In fact, almost all of my embarrassing stories involve peeing inconveniently).

    6. Oh I LOVE this game. Benjamin and I play it on car trips all the time. I think legs. I sit at a computer all day anyway, and I trust things like a wheelchair more than I trust my own ability to function without a computer/phone/pen & paper.

    7. Something happening to my child. Or my husband, but mostly my child.

    8. PC at work, Mac at home.

    9. My smile? (cheeeeeeeesy). More specifically, my teeth? Thank you, Mr. Orthodontist who fixed me up good with headgear and braces at a young age!

    10. Ooh, great question. That I was silly? That I was firm but fair? That I fed them really good food, even if they didn't appreciate it until they were older? That I instilled a love of music in them? That I encouraged their craziness? I really don't know.

    Thank you again for this sweet award!

    1. Ooo! Thanks, Kate! Well, I'm sure I got you another 2 readers. :) I am so with you on the PB and all things salty. Yum! Is it wrong that outside of the slipping and falling "follies" that almost peeing somewhere public as an adult is something I find totally funny? Ask my childhood friend Maura... I am with you on the legs thing, too. If I couldn't hug my kids...

  2. Ahhhhh...thanks!! ** blushing **

  3. Thank you Ali!!

    I posted my answers to my Facebook page, as they didn't really fit in with my normal crafting posts. I do have more than 300 followers if you go by FB or RSS, but as my blog is not on Blogger or Blogspot, I don't have any of those followers (that I know of?)