Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolute: 2013

I don't make promises I can't keep.

At least not intentionally.

Which is why New Year's and Lent are just opportunities for me to remind myself how much will power other people have.

The beginning of every year is now filled with preparing for Felix's birthday, getting my emissions done, writing holiday thank you notes, scheduling my yearly dermatology and physical appointment, and reminding myself that I am about to share another birthday with my husband. Yeah, that's just January 1-7! Who has time for resolutions, let alone writing about them?

So many other people have far more meaty posts about 2012 reflections and 2013 goals and resolutions. And while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, plagiarism is the work of the devil, and it would be hard for me not to read all the wonderful posts my "friends" (ie, my blog crushes) write and not just regurgitate it out like a Mama penguin to her baby.

So here is a list of far better writers and their posts that I wish I wrote:

"Life has gone on. And in the end, I have learned this: My peace is not dependent upon anyone else. Not anymore. My peace is God, and God is as close as my decision to sneak away for a moment and find quiet and find my breath and remember that the music is always louder than the crying."
From, Momastery (probably my biggest blog crush.)

"I forgive my friends for starting their own blogs which forced me to look inside my tiny petty heart and ask tough questions about my character, not like the answers I found therein, and then work to become a better person. I forgive the people I love for having talent that surpasses mine and passion I cannot match. I forgive my friends who got “there” before me and I forgive those that make me lead the way."
From, Outlaw Mama (probably my biggest blog crush. Oh wait, I already said that. Okay, they are my twinsy blog crushes.)

"We are all such works in progress, yet we tend to approach life as if we might be able to put that final brushstroke on the masterpiece that is ourselves. I've learned enough over the past year to understand that it doesn't work like that. We are constantly in motion, often unsatisfied, and searching for more. And while I am no exception to any of the above, I am beginning to see the value in change itself. This year I'm not working toward any specific vision of myself. I just want to stay in motion."
From, Love for the Maslins (Please do yourself a favor and get acquainted with the Maslins's is a family who are friends with a my college friend. Her entries are brutally honest, perfectly composed, and thoughts speak to universal truths that I think we can all learn from despite our circumstances.)

"You want to know what irony is? Irony is writing a post about how 2013 sounds like it's going to be unlucky and then suddenly your computer screen does this weird thing and the whole post is gone before you got a chance to save it.

Actually, I don't think that's what irony is. It's more like the Alanis Morissette version of irony.

Whatever. You win 2013. I will do whatever you say. You want me to quit the chit-chat and post a "Best of 2012" list? SO BE IT.

Here are my top posts of 2012 (give or take a few) in images, charts, and videos..."
From, Mommy Shorts (Because we all need to laugh. A lot.)

With that said, I am inclined, and have been moved to be more resolute in my work. This goes for personal, professional, and "blogal." I want to be more admirably purposeful in all that I do. If you have noticed, my posting frequency has waned since the end of last year. I want to write when I have something to say or images to share and not when I feel like I'm losing readership. My friend Amy just posted about focusing on quality, not quantity today on her blog. And anything Amy does is cool and hip and right in line with the year's trend. Phew!

So instead of freaking out that I didn't do a recap of Christmas 2012 with an account of our trips to TN and OH, I remind myself that if we are friends on facebook or you are in my immediate family, you've seen the photographic proof and/or talked about it on the phone with me. And that time I would have spent blogging was spent with my family and *finally* putting together yearly photo albums for each of the boys. And maybe sleeping. And definitely eating.

I haven't made the leap to abandoning this space altogether, but my secret hopes that it would turn into something "real" has finally been laid to rest. 2013 will be a full year. And I know there will be lots to say and show, so don't jump ship quite yet.

For now, I'm just aiming to stay in motion.


  1. Thank god you're back. I read your blog every freaking day. Don't leave.
    Love, T

  2. I agree with Tracey - don't leave, but do allow yourself to take breaks and post only when you have time, are inspired, and have something to share. Give yourself a break! Those of us who love and follow you will not abandon you.