Thursday, February 7, 2013


Sometimes, I like to take a time out just to say "I love you" to my boys on the blog. 

It's been a little rocky over here in regards to health: the boys and mine. But more on that another day. 


We like to chant "fe-fi-fo-THUMB" to Felix a lot. 
And ask him to tell us how cows are milked.
And hear him tell you that he is a dragon who is going to spit fire at you. 
And laugh at him when he refuses to put his pants on correctly. (Kris Kross will make ya...must be genetic.)
And watch him wear his astronaut costume multiple times a day. Or to the grocery store. Or church. (God loves astronauts, too!)

He's a stitch.
And I know everyone warns you about the "trying threes" but I have to say, so far, it's been pretty good.

Love you Felix.

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