Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Goodwill Hunting: volume 10

28.5 weeks

Bu-bye toes
See ya skinny pants
Sayonara horizontal stripes

I abandoned weekly belly shots with my "countdown" shirt. 
This, my friends, is going to be the life of a third child: hand-me-downs and forget-me's. (Still debating that apostrophe.)

Last shirt was done at 15 weeks! When I thought I had a huge booty thighs. Pee-shaw.

I've also abandoned my Goodwill Hunting posts, and not b/c I haven't been rocking the Goodwill stash. In fact, I've found that going up a size in clothes at Goodwill has been a great way to get through this pregnancy. That, and the good will of my friends who loaned me their maternity clothes.
Here's a little recap with some progressive belly action.

Good/will components: $2.50 Limited cardigan, and $6 Express Jeans. 

Good/will components: Borrowed Gap maternity dress, $2.50 leggings, adopted 80's belt from my mom!

Good/will components: $2.50 Santa t-shirt, $2 Old Navy PJ bottoms
Good/will components: Borrowed black cable knit v-neck maternity sweater. Borrowed Gap gray maternity cords. Free firmoo glasses.

Good/will components: $2.50 Limited sequined v-neck short sleeved t-shirt. Wool read Tulle jacket was a gift from my sister-in-law a few years back. Not visible, borrowed black maternity pants.

Good/will components: Pashmina scarf was a gift from a coworker, $2.50 Banana Republic cardigan, $5 Old Navy maternity maxi dress, $6 Gap satin bow teal flats.
 (first day someone told me I "waddled.")

Good/will components: $2.50 Lands End Canvas turtle neck. $6.00 J.Crew Suede flats. And yes, I purchased on clearance Old Navy Maternity "super skinny colored pants." $12.

Here's to another 10 weeks of maternity fashion! Thank you Goodwill Perimeter, and an even great thank you to the friends who have kindly loaned me their maternity clothes.

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