Monday, March 18, 2013

Feedly fun

With Google Reader on the outs (I think my friend Amy and I are in mourning, and maybe she'll do a Fashion Friday post on what to wear to a virtual funeral. I'm hoping something like borrowed maternity pants and leggings are appropriate), I jumped on the feedly bandwagon along with thousands of other Google Readers. I haven't downloaded any desktop version, so am currently learning to read all  of the posts from the blogs I subscribe to on my phone.

So far...I kinda like it!

What feedly has allowed me to do is really acknowledge the inconsistency and diversity of my feeds. At moments you might think I am a crafty mom. Other times, a war correspondent...and, sadly, much of the time, a hormone driven celebrity stalker.

Why, tonight I was soaking up my recent feeds that accumulated during the  work day during the hour I consider myself "inoperable--unoperable?" after I take my exceptionally large nighttime dose of blood pressure medication that is used to quell my contractions. (It's doing it's job...I am 35 weeks today and 5 days away from being more pregnant than I have ever been in my life.) And while trying not to go into a hypotensive crisis, realized that within 2 minutes I: confirmed Lil Wayne got out of ICU, was inspired by 12 IKEA table hacks, was tempted by a $60 voucher to use at Sage Creek Organics for only $30,  clung onto some advice about helping a toddler and baby share a room, and contemplated whether or not America needs a strong dollar policy.

And we wonder why kids have terrible attention spans...

Anyway, because I have nothing else of merit to provide today that doesn't involve me expressing concern for my emotional stability or the fact that my children are starting to crack with the pressure of 6 weeks of bed rest and impending baby...

Enjoy laughing over the a sampling of the list of tonight's feeds, in order, that just came up on my phone:

Brody Jenner Goes Shirtless, Chats up Bikin-Clad Women
Make your Own Patterned Name Art
Finally, I Don't Hate my Body
Keyshia Cole Slams Beyonce's New Song
CEO of Electronics Arts, World's Third-Largest Gaming Company, Resigns
Argentine President Asks Pope Francis to Meditate
Beyonce Shows off Slim, Toned Bikini Body on Shape
Antler Candleholder
Supreme Court Tests Limits of Voter Registration Law
Pretty, Spring-like Desktop Wallpapers
Leann Rimes and our quote of the day!
Maker of 3-D Printer Guns Now Has Federal Firearms License
Tiny Camera Stamps
Justin Bieber, Fact or Fiction?
Bloomberg wants Retailers to Keep Tobacco Products Out of Sight
Best Baby Shower Presents for  New Parents
Can 'Smart Gun' Technology Help Prevent Violence?

And yes, I read all of them. And yes, I voluntarily subscribe to all of the sites that you can imagine supports these headlines. (Guesses?)

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