Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weight, Weight...Don't Tell Me!

(For those who understand this post's play on words: is it the NPR pledge drive already?)

There are many advantages of having a term baby, but the extra 2 1/2 weeks of weight gain for mom is not one of them.

Not only did I have the luxury of full fledged bed rest for 8 weeks, but also had an entire community provide our family with meals 3 days a week (and we are eternally grateful!). I also had a live in chef (aka, my mom who made me scrambled eggs and fresh salted tomato every morning).

At times I felt like Gretel being fattened up by the witch. 

And with a 3rd baby, weight comes on faster, and leaves slower. 


Since my uterus is crafting the sign "no room at the Inn--EVER AGAIN!" right now, I feel a sense of energy to get in peak form again. Sure, after the last 2 babies I wanted to be in shape, but always knew I'd get knocked up again and didn't worry to much about being in fighting form.

Now...I've got running PR's to tackle and triceps to discover.

I think it was 3 days after having Gus that I texted Doogie (aka my amazing OB) and asked when I could walk for fitness. He was all, "give me at least 2 weeks." And I was all, "whateves..." But then the next day my stitches and ute started bright and early reminding me that I had some healing. Sometimes I get a little too eager.

So here I sit, a little over 2 weeks out and am totally okay with waiting another 4 before I start on any sort of fitness regimen. I have leftover dark chocolate to eat and a newborn to snuggle ALL.DAY.LONG.

I've employed a trainer (okay, my husband), who I am charging with getting me back into peak running form starting in a few weeks. And what better place to document the process than the blog. You know how good I am at plans and documentation. (insert sarcasm). 

Fessing up to the total damage, I cannot figure out an accurate weight gain for this pregnancy because the last 4 weeks I did the "backward weigh in", but am guessing it was around a total of around 27lbs. And here is the last belly shot. (Yes, that is a belly band I am using for a bra...genius I tell you.)

I went to the doctor my first week postpartum for some boobie issues (CLIFF HANGER--STILL) and decided to come clean and see the damage. I was 16lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight. Not too shabby! And although I feel like I look pretty good, I have all of 3 pants that currently fit me. And they are all of the yoga variety. I quickly sold all of my maternity clothes on Craigslist, so I can't even pull out the elastic waist options. And truly, it's not so much my mid section as it is my thighs and rear that make pulling up pants an impossibility. I refuse to be a slave to the scale and numbers, but I have to say that I hate not being able to fit into any of my jeans.

10 days post-partum:

I am quick to thank my mother for her genes (although, not the fibrocystic boobie gene) as I credit her for the fact that besides a thin layer of flub on my belly, my front has been spared. I tried to convince myself that I gained 12lbs of boob, and only have 4lbs to lose, but every day I try (and fail) to wear a pair of old pre pregnancy pants, I am sadly reminded that I will have to actually work to lose the rest of the weight.

I can't promise a ton of photographic proof over the course of the next few months as posting the following took about all of my courage, but I do hope to post some regular race and running reports.

But for the next 4 weeks...naps, chocolate and GUS!


  1. Can't wait for the updates! You look fantastic!

  2. YOU ALREADY LOOK AMAAAAAAAAZING. Seriously, can I have your stomach now? You look fab.

  3. Honestly, there are a bunch of women who would do anything to achieve your current figure!
    I know from experience as a 3 time mother that it is more than about pounds - your shape just changes, and it takes longer to get back to normal third time around. It is disheartening not to be able to fit into your clothes, but have patience. It will happen in due time, and as you note, now is the time to treat yourself and Gus well. Eat healthy (learn how to make eggs for you and Felix), treat yourself to chocolate, and exercise when you are fit and able. Relax and take a long view!

  4. I wish I had your stomach! ;) Lookin' good, girl.