Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gus's Guide

Third Baby.
Third Boy.
I don't need anything new, right? Right?

Well, beside the fact that all of a sudden Miles and Felix are tearing through the knees of all their pants...but let's be fair. 90% of their clothes are consignment, so we are doing pretty well for being on three-peats. 

So, outside of pants, one would think Gus is totally set in the "what I need for the new baby" department. And you are all thinking, "huzzah! A brief post from Ali!"

Sorry folks. Wrong on both accounts.

Y'all...do you know how much things have changed since 2010? I liken the baby product world to electronics. Give it a year, and it's obsolete. And there is no better industry than the baby industry to make you feel like if you don't get the latest and greatest 100% organic-vegan-gluten free [fill in the product], your baby will die from SIDS or lose his chance to be accepted to Harvard.  When in reality, I think it's a slurry of scare tactics and Moms jockeying for position of having the best of the best. And to be honest, with my first, I was like putty in the hands of all the marketing. It was also on the bubble of the BPA-free crisis, and I was dealing with a 33 weeker with whom we had to take special precautions for his health and safety.

Now I feel a little more measured in my approach to all things baby, and have gone from greeting people with a squirt of hand sanitizer, to sucking off my child's pacifier to clean it. And my idea of "need" and "want" has shifted. Additionally, our family has been on a journey of becoming more minimalist, which when you are cramming 5 bodies into a shoebox, becomes imperative.

That being said...Gus hasn't been the victim of all things three-peat, and the baby industry has come up with some really cool new products since both Miles and Felix were infants. 

Here is Gus's guide to products to consider for the infant period. He would write this himself, but since I didn't play him Mozart in the womb, he isn't writing, yet.

Boon Bathtub
For the first two boys, I initially bathed them in the pink basin they give to you in the hospital. Then we graduated to a hard plastic PRIMO Eurobath. It worked okay, but was huge and clunky, and took up residence on the side of the bathroom wall. I'm into lazy easy parenting, and when I saw this, I quickly consigned the Eurobath and purchased the Boon bathtub, which at the time was on sale on Amazon! 

It's awesome. It collapses and hangs up in the tub, and it perfectly cradles my infant with just the right about of water. And it can get bigger for when Gus is sitting up. So I put it in the actual bath (not on the floor like the model below), and fill the tub with about an inch of water. Then I fill the Boon with just a bit of water as well (in the infant position), and put Gus in it. He loves it! Okay. Lie. He HATES the bath, but the Boon makes bath time very quick and efficient. I use the washrag to take clean water from the actual tub, and wash Gus's face and hair etc. This is because Gus is a bath pooper and the idea of giving him a "fecal-oral route" facial is not attractive.
 Photo courtesy of project nursery
Aden and Anais swaddle blankets 
(bee tee dubs, did you know it's pronounced a-nay, and not anus? You're welcome.)
I have more receiving/baby blankets than I know what to do with. Sure, some are warmer, some are perfect for tummy time, but most are perfect for being folded up and put in a basket, never to be used. (Alert--use them to wrap baby presents for other people! Let the over population of blankets be their problem!) Previously, I would never have recommended buying someone a baby blanket (unless handmade), given that I just don't think they are that useful.
And yet...I contend that Aden and Anais blankets are must have. Sure. They are pricey, but they are so versatile. I use one every day for just about everything: nursing cover up, swaddle blanket, car seat cover for the sun, spit up cloth, changing pad... (did you know that 2nd babies don't get their diapers changed on a legit changing pad? And that 3rd babies get most of their diapers changed on Mama's lap?)
The length, the muslin lightweight material, and the general quality can't be beat.

Rock n' play Sleeper
Oh sweet baby Jeebus. This thing is genius. I am sure all the Physical Therapists in the world are cringing, but for those of us with more than 1 child to tend to, this thing is a must. It's lightweight, mobile, and essentially replaces the bouncer, boppy seat, swing, and maybe even the crib (I readily admit Gus slept in it at night for the first 2+ weeks. And slept WELL.) It washes well, and Gus can travel around with me while I do laundry, dishes, etc.
And the bunny ears? I mean...to DIE for! (Please tell me you know I am joking. I've looked into seam ripping those suckers off...bunny ears, really Fisher-Price?)
I will acknowledge that it is important to do tummy time and HOLD your baby...and am the first to admit that the majority of naps take place on my chest, but this thing is perfect for holding the infant when you have to be domestic.

Although I do use the A&A swaddle blankets for swaddling quite a bit, I've just started experimenting with the woombie and am quickly going to ebay to find myself some deals and steals on used ones (I am currently borrowing a friend's). It's like the ultimate straight jacket for babies. I have a host of other swaddle-specific blankets, including the miracle blanket and kiddopotamus, but I am here to say the woombie is superior. None of my kids really "like" swaddling, but once they are asleep, I think being swaddled helps them sleep longer. As Eric and I say, they are more "organized". (Totally a residual NICU term from 2008).
Anyone in the market to sell theirs, I know a buyer...
Finally, outside of my boobs, and a few used onesies...this is all that Gus currently requires.

Inquiring minds about diapering: I sold my entire cloth stash over a year ago. Sad! But knew I wouldn't be able to hack it if and when we had a 3rd. So I am back to sposies, and experimenting with using Nature Baby Care Diapers, and so far, so good! I am also a convert to Earth's Best Wipes.


  1. fun! we loved the aden & anus blankets with maggie too! i want a woombie for myself

  2. I can attest to the impressive efficacy of all the new products except the last. How did I ever raise all you kids?!?!