Sunday, June 30, 2013

Carolina in my mind: Part 1

VACATION: Summer 2013.

And guess what?
  • We didn't fly
  • No one peed in a cup ('tho a certain 3 yo asked to a number of times out of sheer novelty)
  • And the drive was less than 6 hours
We did make quite a few potty stops, and even got a ride on an MRSA-go-round.

This, my friends, is a record for my family. Due to our geography, we are always traipsing around the eastern half of the US of A and driving epic journeys, or flying and being delayed for hours in the middle of the night in random airports due to tornadoes in GA, or peeing in Zaxby's cups in the middle of gridlock in TN. Family can't say we don't sacrifice sanity to see them!

5-6 hours in a mini? BRING IT!

We had a "family" wedding to attend, and we packed up our 5 yo, 3 yo, and newborn for the drive. I think being my third kid, I was better about driving for 5+ hours when I had just started pumping and using bottles. And let's just say I am a complete minivan convert. And am still singing Jake and The Neverland Pirates songs from the audio CD we borrowed from a neighbor. (Oh, and Tinkerbell left a DVD of Jake on our couch the other night to enjoy on movie nights. That Tinkerbell...she's a gem, which is French for "pushover.")

Oh Guppy. It's not that bad!
I think we make a handsome family in my completely biased and artificially humble opinion. 
Miles enjoys what he called "energy drink."
Felix quickly spit out my drink's cherry after he tasted remnants of Mom's "energy drink." Oops! note to self: don't share the booze fruit.
This is totally my family. Totally.
Opa and Miles. Same smile.
Aleman left! And Do-si-do!
Obligatory selfie...obvi
Miles and Felix had a little "thing" for this girl. And this girl, happens to be their cousin. (It's legal in GA, right?)
Caught in the act of changing a diaper behind the gift table. Girls gotta do...
I mean...
I mean...again.

Part 2: Sun 'n sand. Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

That 70's show

Part of the perks of having an addiction to Sbux right now...oh, that's shorthand for Starbucks, that with my card registered on my iPhone, I get all sorts of free downloads. Most are junk, but I recently downloaded an app called 8mm and tried it out the other night. It's kind of like Instagram for video. I've only taken one video, but imagine I'll enjoy using it from time to time.

This filter was called "70's" and I had NO idea it also recorded your voice, so when I played it back and my volume was all the way down as it normally is, I didn't think much of it. Until I played it back at a later date when my volume was up and was like "Ack! Who is that woman talking?"

Anyway. I think Gus would have fit right in to the 1970's.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

SnuffleupaGUS: newborn photoshoot

If you know me and my aesthetics, you know I love me some Kate T Parker photography. I'll be saving all my pennies and will even contemplate intellectual prostitution (joking!) to save all my dollah dollah bills to pay for her to photograph my family.

I have added our favorite newborn photo to my header for the blog as you can see. He just fits in with this family, no?
Sure. He's not dressed up in an owl costume or draped over a blanket in a radio flyer wagon...and it's okay if you do that with your baby, but we tend to go for the more "au natural" look.

We had a great newborn session in her new studio (it was the first newborn session in her new studio), and August kindly defecated and urinated all over her floor and backdrop paper. Some call it contaminating, I call it "christening". Perspective, folks. Kate was a champ about it, and even took a picture of Eric and some Clorox wipes and poop all over him.

Many of you have seen our announcement and the gallery on Facebook, but here are just a few of my favorites. When did this itty bitty baby get so big and chunky?

Enjoy the sampling. And my sleep deprived commentary. 

August Meyer at 9 weeks. Full of cuddles and breastmilk poop. 

I make 'em with some wild hair. Not as epic as Mommy Shorts baby hair contest, but wild enough to make it extremely difficult to navigate their haircuts around multiple cowlicks. 
 "Baby boudoir." I kid. I just love a sleeping baby.
This one is awesome for 3 reasons: 
  1. You can see my 3 ring necklace representing my 3 children.
  2. You can see my Livestrong bracelet.
  3. Gus is grabbing my boob. 
PS--how did that kid fit inside of me?


 I mean...this kid is amazing.
 Gus is totally calling on his colon and sphincter muscle to get into action.

 Okay, this one makes me laugh because this is the conversation I hear happening. "Hey, what's that silly baby's name? Oh, it's Gus. Why yes...that's a TOTAL Gus!" AMIRITE?

 This one he looks like a doll to me.

 This one, too!

 I call this one "air guitar." And even though he's doubled his weight since this picture, he totally still makes this face. (Love Eric's hands in the background, too. And Gus's lil nipple!)

 Just so peaceful...

 Another favorite. Photography is tiring!

 This one makes me tear up. He was and is just so perfect.
 This is another favorite of ours. His profile is amazing. Even in utero, he had one heck of a nose.

 And to complete today's sampling, the "after" shot.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Run Like a Mother: "Did I catch a niner in there?"

Okay d-list movie my movie quote. I'll give you 5 of the 9 more lbs I would like to loose--free shipping!

Preamble: Right when I realized this post was set to publish (thanks schedule feature!) I got hit with two blog posts in my Reader that slathered on a little guilt on top of my remaining upper arm flub, and pulled back on the post going live:

Scary Mommy's "The Race Towards Body Acceptance"
Love, Krystal's "My Muffin Top-A Journey of Self Acceptance"

Well, snap. But the truth is, the only race/journey I am on right now is to not feel better about the body I have, but work on getting the body that feels better. And while that is not something I am proud of, it's where I am. 

Love me or leave me, folks. 

I was going to leave this post on the cutting room floor, but that's no fun.

On to the show:

Here I sit, 9 weeks out from having August, and I'm still hovering at 9lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight.

I'm going to be honest--I've never felt so out of shape and eager to lose weight.

I've got a few things working against me:
  • 3rd pregnancy
  • 1st full term pregnancy
  • 8 weeks of bedrest
  • short order cook for those 8 weeks (eggs, cheese, dove dark chocolate...oh my!)
  • 3 children who demand almost all my waking (and non waking if you consider the hours I nurse in a haze) hours
  • a husband training for a marathon and eating up any time I may have to work out
  • old(er) age

 And after the first two pregnancies,  I had a lot of anxiety for various reasons. And if you know me, anxiety is my biggest weight loss secret. That, and some amazing genes that I am going to assume comes mostly from my maternal side of the family.

More than the # on the scale, I just don't feel fit. I've been breeding for 5 years, and now I am ready to get back to that girl who could fit in her pants and feel good about it. I still have the pipe dream of running 20 minutes or under for a 5K and averaging 7:05 minute miles for a half marathon...but right now, my realistic goal is to complete a half marathon on Thanksgiving. And not have to buy new pants. (Those suckers are 'spensive!)

I've never been a slave to the scale in an attempt to loose weight. Similarly, I've never counted calories to restrict them. Many know I have had struggles to keep weight on at times in my life due to severe anxiety and stress, and I've been known to spend hours trying to find the highest calorie food to shove in my face. (Don't's actually quite miserable given that no one ever wants to hear another girl agonize about not weighing enough. That, or you are immediately cast as having an eating disorder.)

But now, at thirty (ahem) three, I think I am going to have to start being more mindful of what goes in my body. At the same time, I know that I need to be mindful of not obsessing about what goes in my body, because those of us who have a history of OCD can get all caught up on numbers 'n stuff.

Listen, I know that for having 3 children and being over 30, things could be a lot worse. And I am certainly not fishing for compliments, but coming to terms with the fact that I am entering a period of life where I need to be more mindful of diet and exercise in an attempt to feel fit and remain healthy.

It's not like I conducted meta analyses of obesity, physical activity, and nutrition studies at the CDC...or did I?

So, I'd like to see the scale move down by a solid 5lbs by the end of August, and am giving myself 38 weeks from the time I had Gus to get back into what I call "shape."

My plan?
  1. Utilize My Fitness Pal app. Love. It tracks just about everything you eat and do. I am not religious about it, but I love scanning bar codes of food I eat. And I love entering a -500 calories for breastfeeding!
  2. Do circuit training at least 4 times a week. (And I have for the last few weeks!). I adapted a plan that I saw from the Erica Finds blog. I exchanged out some of the activities, and I do 3 circuits, which Eric monitors. I.hate.high.knees. 
  3. Do 5 minute abdominal workout at least 2 times a week. I just downloaded a bunch of free ab workout apps on my phone. They are lame. But so is a spare tire.
  4. RUN. And by run, I mean slog (slow jog). I have never ever ever ever ever...did I say ever? run this slowly in my life. It's almost embarrassing. No, it is embarrassing. But I run every single step of the courses that my trainer (Eric) plots out for me each day. Up until bedrest, I actually walked every night when Eric bathed the boys, for 35-45 minutes. So I thought I would have some residual cardiovascular strength. Mmmm, no. So I have thrown the watch to the wayside, declined any gmaps pedometer researching, and let Eric give me a route of unknown length to tackle. Right now, the runs are about 30-40 minutes in length. That's it. And any time I feel like walking, I chant to myself "Biggest Loser." And imagine Bob or Jillian or Dolvett (Usually Dolvett. He's dreamy.) screaming in my face.
  5. Indulge. This isn't about complete sacrifice. Mama likes a good pinot or bubbly. And dark chocolate.
In the words of my good field hockey buddies: "here we go, yo!"

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Daddy Mac Will Make Ya...

Happy Father's Day 2013!

(or as Miles calls it: Dad's for doughnuts)

You know what's awesome? 
Spending 3 hours secretly creating an iMovie for your husband while he sleeps right next to you.

And then having the program crash and losing all the work at midnight.


This doesn't have all the fancy bells and whistles my first take had.

But Dad/Eric, you were worth staying up another 2 hours to put this jr varsity version together.

We love you so unconditionally.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why you need to follow me on Instagram...

...because I apparently communicate in iPhone pictures at this point. (Instagram holla at me: TEAMHEINTZ) And have a disorder where my lips are permanently twisted to the side. At least when a lens is put in my face. Notice I can look one way and purse my lips the other? Folks, it's the 21st century version of rubbing my head and patting my tummy.

It's true that having 3 kids 5 years and younger is bat $hit crazy at times, but more than anything, it's EXHAUSTING. So my capacity for writing has been reduced to documenting ounces on my breast milk storage bags.

You know you are a nursing/pumping fiend when your 3 year old says, "Mom, you say "breast milk a lot!"

I continually remind myself, without a blog that is revenue generating (but I'm open lords and lordesses of the blogosphere! And I am totally copyrighting "lordess") that outside of an outlet for my neurosis and fleeting, disjointed thoughts, this is a space to share "soul fuel" (ie, pictures) with extended family (ie, AunT and Mom). But now that my Mom has an iPhone and Instagram account, this space is starting to grow spider webs.

And I read something recently about how we are human BEings and not human DOings. I likey! So I've taken the boob by the nipple (c'mon...bull/horn is so last decade. If my 3 yo is calling me out on being boob juice centric, I might as well go big), and am spending a lot more time focusing on the "be" rather than the "do." So guess what I do at night once the crew is playing hopscotch with Mr Sandman?

Avoid the computer.

And sleep.

And sometimes--I just hold Gus. Swaddled. For hours. Making Tracy Hogg roll in her grave.

But since my iPhone (shamefully) is an extension of my hand, I still have quite the narrative of my life in pictures. And the big mama jama camera has made a cameo now and then.

And the past few weeks have been full of lots of activity for which a year ago would have been spread over many posts and many words.

But tonight, I leave you with "Summer time 2013 in pictures and obnoxious captions."
You're welcome.

(Take a wild guess at the iPhone photos versus the mama jama camera photos. Don't ever say I didn't challenge you.)

This summer we have:

Taken minivan selfies
Taken early morning selfies
Taken group selfies
Forced my son to take a selfie on the last day of his current PreK
Tried on the uniform of his future PreK (yup. Repeating preK)
  Tried on my Goodwill $2.50 J.Crew dress for my 2 best friends to determine if the "arm fat" factor  was acceptable
 Celebrated the 5th birthday of my favorite 1st son

Celebrated the first full dental cleaning of my favorite 2nd son.
Celebrated the cuteness of my favorite 3rd son. (Note: not my hairy legs below)
Cuddled with Daddy while he was awake
 Cuddled with Daddy while he was asleep
Cuddled with Daddy while he was DRINKING BEER, TWEETING, and PLAYING DOMINOES
Spent time enjoying the outdoors
 Fought "the Force"
...but succumbed to the car naps
  Enjoyed water play...
...and Mommy's footwear for said water play
  Acquired Mahna's 41 year old wedding footwear
 (Probably) acquired staph from a roadside merry-go-round
Cried (Mom may have butchered the hair)
 Bonded as brothers...

 ...and cousins
 Pumped our bodies full of delicious artisan pizza
 And PUMPED...
 ...and stored almost 100oz of breast milk to date.

Yes. Those are breast milk storage bags arranged in gift bags in my freezer. 
See how I did that? 
Started this here post and ended it with the breast milk and storage bags.
Full circle folks.

Here's to the rest of summer 2013!