Sunday, June 30, 2013

Carolina in my mind: Part 1

VACATION: Summer 2013.

And guess what?
  • We didn't fly
  • No one peed in a cup ('tho a certain 3 yo asked to a number of times out of sheer novelty)
  • And the drive was less than 6 hours
We did make quite a few potty stops, and even got a ride on an MRSA-go-round.

This, my friends, is a record for my family. Due to our geography, we are always traipsing around the eastern half of the US of A and driving epic journeys, or flying and being delayed for hours in the middle of the night in random airports due to tornadoes in GA, or peeing in Zaxby's cups in the middle of gridlock in TN. Family can't say we don't sacrifice sanity to see them!

5-6 hours in a mini? BRING IT!

We had a "family" wedding to attend, and we packed up our 5 yo, 3 yo, and newborn for the drive. I think being my third kid, I was better about driving for 5+ hours when I had just started pumping and using bottles. And let's just say I am a complete minivan convert. And am still singing Jake and The Neverland Pirates songs from the audio CD we borrowed from a neighbor. (Oh, and Tinkerbell left a DVD of Jake on our couch the other night to enjoy on movie nights. That Tinkerbell...she's a gem, which is French for "pushover.")

Oh Guppy. It's not that bad!
I think we make a handsome family in my completely biased and artificially humble opinion. 
Miles enjoys what he called "energy drink."
Felix quickly spit out my drink's cherry after he tasted remnants of Mom's "energy drink." Oops! note to self: don't share the booze fruit.
This is totally my family. Totally.
Opa and Miles. Same smile.
Aleman left! And Do-si-do!
Obligatory selfie...obvi
Miles and Felix had a little "thing" for this girl. And this girl, happens to be their cousin. (It's legal in GA, right?)
Caught in the act of changing a diaper behind the gift table. Girls gotta do...
I mean...
I mean...again.

Part 2: Sun 'n sand. Stay tuned!

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