Saturday, June 22, 2013

SnuffleupaGUS: newborn photoshoot

If you know me and my aesthetics, you know I love me some Kate T Parker photography. I'll be saving all my pennies and will even contemplate intellectual prostitution (joking!) to save all my dollah dollah bills to pay for her to photograph my family.

I have added our favorite newborn photo to my header for the blog as you can see. He just fits in with this family, no?
Sure. He's not dressed up in an owl costume or draped over a blanket in a radio flyer wagon...and it's okay if you do that with your baby, but we tend to go for the more "au natural" look.

We had a great newborn session in her new studio (it was the first newborn session in her new studio), and August kindly defecated and urinated all over her floor and backdrop paper. Some call it contaminating, I call it "christening". Perspective, folks. Kate was a champ about it, and even took a picture of Eric and some Clorox wipes and poop all over him.

Many of you have seen our announcement and the gallery on Facebook, but here are just a few of my favorites. When did this itty bitty baby get so big and chunky?

Enjoy the sampling. And my sleep deprived commentary. 

August Meyer at 9 weeks. Full of cuddles and breastmilk poop. 

I make 'em with some wild hair. Not as epic as Mommy Shorts baby hair contest, but wild enough to make it extremely difficult to navigate their haircuts around multiple cowlicks. 
 "Baby boudoir." I kid. I just love a sleeping baby.
This one is awesome for 3 reasons: 
  1. You can see my 3 ring necklace representing my 3 children.
  2. You can see my Livestrong bracelet.
  3. Gus is grabbing my boob. 
PS--how did that kid fit inside of me?


 I mean...this kid is amazing.
 Gus is totally calling on his colon and sphincter muscle to get into action.

 Okay, this one makes me laugh because this is the conversation I hear happening. "Hey, what's that silly baby's name? Oh, it's Gus. Why yes...that's a TOTAL Gus!" AMIRITE?

 This one he looks like a doll to me.

 This one, too!

 I call this one "air guitar." And even though he's doubled his weight since this picture, he totally still makes this face. (Love Eric's hands in the background, too. And Gus's lil nipple!)

 Just so peaceful...

 Another favorite. Photography is tiring!

 This one makes me tear up. He was and is just so perfect.
 This is another favorite of ours. His profile is amazing. Even in utero, he had one heck of a nose.

 And to complete today's sampling, the "after" shot.

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  1. There are all such amazing photos. I think it's great that you've been able to document each of your boys with such beautiful photography. The last pic made me laugh so hard.
    Freeze time and tell Gus to stop growing so fast!