Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why you need to follow me on Instagram...

...because I apparently communicate in iPhone pictures at this point. (Instagram holla at me: TEAMHEINTZ) And have a disorder where my lips are permanently twisted to the side. At least when a lens is put in my face. Notice I can look one way and purse my lips the other? Folks, it's the 21st century version of rubbing my head and patting my tummy.

It's true that having 3 kids 5 years and younger is bat $hit crazy at times, but more than anything, it's EXHAUSTING. So my capacity for writing has been reduced to documenting ounces on my breast milk storage bags.

You know you are a nursing/pumping fiend when your 3 year old says, "Mom, you say "breast milk a lot!"

I continually remind myself, without a blog that is revenue generating (but I'm open lords and lordesses of the blogosphere! And I am totally copyrighting "lordess") that outside of an outlet for my neurosis and fleeting, disjointed thoughts, this is a space to share "soul fuel" (ie, pictures) with extended family (ie, AunT and Mom). But now that my Mom has an iPhone and Instagram account, this space is starting to grow spider webs.

And I read something recently about how we are human BEings and not human DOings. I likey! So I've taken the boob by the nipple (c'mon...bull/horn is so last decade. If my 3 yo is calling me out on being boob juice centric, I might as well go big), and am spending a lot more time focusing on the "be" rather than the "do." So guess what I do at night once the crew is playing hopscotch with Mr Sandman?

Avoid the computer.

And sleep.

And sometimes--I just hold Gus. Swaddled. For hours. Making Tracy Hogg roll in her grave.

But since my iPhone (shamefully) is an extension of my hand, I still have quite the narrative of my life in pictures. And the big mama jama camera has made a cameo now and then.

And the past few weeks have been full of lots of activity for which a year ago would have been spread over many posts and many words.

But tonight, I leave you with "Summer time 2013 in pictures and obnoxious captions."
You're welcome.

(Take a wild guess at the iPhone photos versus the mama jama camera photos. Don't ever say I didn't challenge you.)

This summer we have:

Taken minivan selfies
Taken early morning selfies
Taken group selfies
Forced my son to take a selfie on the last day of his current PreK
Tried on the uniform of his future PreK (yup. Repeating preK)
  Tried on my Goodwill $2.50 J.Crew dress for my 2 best friends to determine if the "arm fat" factor  was acceptable
 Celebrated the 5th birthday of my favorite 1st son

Celebrated the first full dental cleaning of my favorite 2nd son.
Celebrated the cuteness of my favorite 3rd son. (Note: not my hairy legs below)
Cuddled with Daddy while he was awake
 Cuddled with Daddy while he was asleep
Cuddled with Daddy while he was DRINKING BEER, TWEETING, and PLAYING DOMINOES
Spent time enjoying the outdoors
 Fought "the Force"
...but succumbed to the car naps
  Enjoyed water play...
...and Mommy's footwear for said water play
  Acquired Mahna's 41 year old wedding footwear
 (Probably) acquired staph from a roadside merry-go-round
Cried (Mom may have butchered the hair)
 Bonded as brothers...

 ...and cousins
 Pumped our bodies full of delicious artisan pizza
 And PUMPED...
 ...and stored almost 100oz of breast milk to date.

Yes. Those are breast milk storage bags arranged in gift bags in my freezer. 
See how I did that? 
Started this here post and ended it with the breast milk and storage bags.
Full circle folks.

Here's to the rest of summer 2013!


  1. I love the pictorial review of summer so far, and even better that you are choosing sleep over entertaining us with your razor sharp wit. These are times to treasure (and survive). Time for further musings will come later, promise. I need to check in on Instagram ("exchangagram" as it's called in the movie "The Internship") more often - and maybe think of a more clever moniker.

  2. Oh, and I love your boots. I wish I could find the boys new boots, too. We may have to bite the bullet and get some from Land's End or Bean's in the fall.

  3. Love love love love love ALL of these pictures. MORE!! They are like crack.
    You've inspired me to get some rain boots, I need em.

  4. you really should sign up with blogher. monetize this puppy!

    i think you may also have identical triplet boys. just born over the course of several years.