Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Operation Niner: Update

The princess/duchess/highness is at it again. First she shops at Zara and is a repeat outfit offender, and then she rocks a post-baby belly as she debuts her baby at the hospital.

While I have to applaud her attempts at meeting us plebs where we are at, I do have to wonder if her hair and make-up were managed. (Also, shout out to the Aden and Anais blanket they used, but BOO to images of them not properly strapping the future king in the car seat.) And let's be think she was sporting hospital issued granny undies under that frock?

I'm not going to rattle on with commentary about her polka-dot pooch (said in a loving tone) because others have done it for me. I mean, she's awesome. And amazing. And gorgeous. And seemingly nice. And she played field hockey. ("here we go, yo!" That's for Maura/Bec/Sam...none of whom I am sure even read this anymore.) And just birthed a freakin' king. And walked outside to millions and millions of judgy-mcjudgersons mere hours after giving birth. And there is nothing I love more (outside of my family, friends, and homemade guacamole) than stories about Kate. Heck. I am not cutting my hair in part (70%) because she still has long hair. If it weren't for the pond and my illogical fear of the loch ness monster, it would be single-white female, cockney style.

More than pouring over sites to find imitation polka dot gowns (don't tell me they don't exist), I am anxiously awaiting for her declaration on how she is getting back into shape and what she is eating. Courtesy of some legit news agency like US Magazine, clearly.

I'm thirsty for a little more motivation. Operation Niner is going well. It's more like Operation Sixer and a third. (Or Operation Seven if we are talking racing.) I am still slogging, but runs aren't as painful. I am aiming to do at least 5 races before next April. You know how well I do with goals, so here's hoping for at least 2. Eric has allowed me to get a new pair of Oiselle Roga shorts after I run a certain # of training runs. I am strategically not identifying the goal # nor the # I am currently at. I am also not disclosing to Eric that I have already bid on a pair of Oiselle shorts on eBay for a fraction of the cost (#advantageofanonblogreadinghusband)
Of all times in my life, I have never felt more comfortable wearing just a sports bra top to run. I think because I feel like there is no expectations for a woman in her 30's who has 3 kids and birthed one of them 3 months ago. That, and it's hot and sticky in these parts. And...I'm living my life on a "go big or go home" basis these days.
But I have hiccups of apathy, and have needed extra push to battle the temptations Ben and Jerry and their Greek Cousin have slung my way.

And here is if I ever had a sponsored post you would start getting the sense that I was going to go all "sales-y on you." In my journey to becoming a stalker of Oiselle (and missing the deadline to apply to their "team" by a mere days), I have also stumbled upon my antidote to caffeine and soda/pop/Coke. I am no saint...girl likes a good Misto and Coke. I've been flying through seltzer water forever, but needed a little somethin' somethin' to get me excited about running. I used to crave Gatorade at the end of each run, but know it's not the best source of anything for you. Then during my stalking, the "birds" at Oiselle posted about nuun. In's athletic Alka Seltzer.

I became intrigued.
Then obsessed.
Amazon opened on my browser, and it was a done deal. (Eric hates when that happens.)

I've been using it for a few weeks now, and definitely have my favorite flavors. (GRAPE. Tho...anyone want to try tropical fruit? Dislike. I'll send it to you.) I also split each tablet in half because during the day, I am not exercising anything but my digits and boobs (pumping), so probably don't need all the salt/electrolytes. But not only does it keep me away from soda and caffeine (not 100%, but I'm weaning), it has also helped my pumping output, which took a little dive after going back to work full time. I am still slowly increasing my frozen supply and am almost at 300 oz, which feels pretty good for a not over producing girl like me. (And have you seen Gus? Brother is not want for food.) I've made it to a year + with the first 2 boys, and I'd like to make it to at least a year of only breast milk with Guppy, too. Emphasis on "like." Not "I will go ballistic and commit hari kari if I can't."

So, there you have it. Slow and steady might not ever win the race...but it sure beats all those sitting on the couch eating Ben and Jerry's watching The Biggest Loser (not that I have EVER done that...never...ever...).

ouch! Sorry, pants got a little cinged.

This in no way is a sponsored, supported, endorsed, refuted, [insert any verb you like] post regarding the products above. I just love them. Buy them. Use them. And catch flack from my husband about getting excited over running shorts and electrolyte tabs.


  1. I am so glad you are liking Nuun! I seriously love it. Watch your mailbox for some extra motivation!

  2. and P.S. You look amaze-balls. No one would ever guess you had birthed A child, much less 3. :)

  3. Well, given that I am not on any other social networks...of course I read your blog!

  4. I'm still here!!!