Monday, August 26, 2013


If baby North-South-East-West can have a twitter account, or that hilarious Honest Toddler (don't get me started on the brouhaha with the Honest Company and bullying her--for SHAME J. Alba!) I think so should my pump.

Everyday it chants something different to me. And I feel like telling someone, but not sure who (twitter?).

I don't really have a twitter presence; I use it more for following. So maybe I should just change the author of my account to my pump.

Why I never noticed that my pump "talks to me" the first 2 go arounds is beyond me. Maybe delirium really sets in the third time around. Or multiple personality disorder.

Last week, it kept saying "take a nap".
Then, Friday night during a rare night time pump I did (why? because I was trying out the new FREE pump my insurance got me. Huzzah! Boobs! Free! One at work and one at home. YAY!), it was chanting, "black hawk."

Today: "life alert."

Anyone else have pump talk to share?

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  1. first glad that you got the free pump!!!! what did they end up getting you?

    second, i did not have a talking pump the first time around, but maybe I will with #2?

    third, what is this honest toddler, honest company thing you speak of?! (can't miss out on gossip)