Sunday, September 29, 2013

SOTU: Erison

The Eric and Ali update is going to be short and sweet. And while I should do one for Eric and then one for me (he is younger than I am), we have the same birthday and are already used to sharing things. So yeah, here's a breakdown of life for us these days:

Work. Shower. Wrangle. Dishes. Laundry. Nap. Work. Shower. Wrangle. Dishes. Laundry. Nap. (rinse and repeat).

And by work, I mean the 40 hours we are both paid for, then the extra 10 hours we put in after hours and sometimes even 15.

And by shower, I mean run under the shower head for just enough time to lather up the pits and behind the ears. (Everyone knows by minute 7 one of the children is banging on the shower door either crying, asking for you to help with something, or demanding you write all sorts of letters in the soap scum covering the glass door.) And let's be honest, washing your hair every day is drying. And it just means I have to clean out the drain, so I tend to stick to the shower cap every 1 out of every 3 showers. And Eric? Well, he just doesn't have hair:

And by wrangle...I mean...I have 3 boys 5 and under. Game, point, match.
And by  dishes and laundry, I mean the NEVER ENDING PILE OF CLOTHING AND MOUNTAINS OF DISHES that plagues our house. I've tried closing my eyes, clicking my heels, and putting a note under my pillow for the laundry fairy to come and help. I'm starting to wonder if I said something to upset her. (And yes, I know I am assuming that secret household help would be completed by a female creature. If you ask Miles, the male version of a fairy is a leprechaun and we all know the only thing they are good for is bouncing off of marshmallows.)

And by nap, I mean somebody in this house is always up at night, so it's like we sleep in 3 hour chunks most of the time. Potty. Blankets falling off. Pacifiers falling out. Monsters. Nursing.

Even though Eric and I see each other every day, sometimes I'm not sure I've actually looked at his face. And the addendum to this week's family meeting is for me to work on looking at him square in the face and mindfully either greet him or say good-bye. Shouting from the other room when he gets home from practice, "IT'S YOUR TURN TO FINISH THIS BATH! I NEED A BREAK! FELIX MISSED THE POTTY AND PEED ON THE WALL. I AM TIRED OF THIS HOUSE SMELLING LIKE A URINAL. SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I'M DONE." Isn't what I'd call lovey dovey.

I did look straight at Eric yesterday and gasp. His follicles must have gone on a binge, because his face is HAIRY. I know it appears every year during XC season (he doesn't shave until after the state meet), but it went all Chia pet on me. It went from sexy stubble...
Anyone else in the mood for THIGH MEAT!?!? full on mountain man in a matter of what seemed like hours.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's totally not a picture of Eric's beard. It's Gus's lashes. I can't help it. All my boys have exceptional hair and lashes, and I'd rather look at lashes than a bristly beard. And truthfully? This post is a real snoozer. I needed a little pick me up just writing it! #ohmygusness. (For other cute boys, check out the IG feed on the right side of the screen.)

And if you are truly interested in Eric's facial development, you can follow his annual beard on Twitter. #imnotjoking

It's like as fast as the hair falls off of my head, it grows on Eric's face.

Actually, my alopecia has subsided a bit in exchange for teenage skin. What up post-partum hormones? And even though I'm so glad I am not that same self conscious teenager spending hours plucking her eyebrows, I'm still terribly self conscious about zits. The only good thing about zits is that you add an extra "i" and you get ziti. And everyone loves ziti.

So, at times I hide the blemishes with camo toddler sized sunglasses. (Or, I may have just forgotten my own sunglasses at home). I've lost all semblances of self respect. Who has time for it?

Toddler sunglasses? Check. Minivan? Check.
Fall is the time for beard growth, pumpkin [insert something edible], and crisp mornings when Eric leaves the house for the entire day at 4:50am to go to XC meets, which means that I institute family snuggle and PBS-a-thon every Saturday morning in my bed.
Thankfully, the reverse camera selfie on the iPhone has such poor quality that you can't make out my gray roots. But you may also think that Gus has a lobster hand. No...that's his foot. Brother is nibbling on all his digits and extremities. So bottom teeth? I'd really appreciate you making your entrance.

Other highlights:
  • Eric qualified for the Boston Marathon again during a 1am marathon in TN. It wasn't a pleasant experience at all, but he did the job. 
  • Eric also declined his acceptance at Mercer for a PhD program and is currently seeking out another PhD program at Vanderbilt. Basically, he wants to try and catch up to me in school debt, which is a lofty goal because while he owes nothing for his graduate education, I owe Emory lots and lots of dollah dollah bills. 
  • Eric is working hard and I think after 10 years of teaching can give himself a promotion of teacher to educator, but this next step is about getting the big promotion to pedagogical specialist (nothing like education humor). Honestly, he's really one of those kinda guys who wants to accelerate his contributions to the landscape of education and perhaps transition into more leadership roles.
  • I did not qualify for the Boston Marathon. I didn't even try. I just try to remember what it was like to run consistently by changing into running shorts and sports bras when I get home from work every day.
  •  I am not seeking another advanced degree. And I am also not seeking out any sort of promotion. I'm just trying to breathe after every work day as it seems like the company I work for is operating leaner with higher expectations. Not going to's hard to walk in every day.
  • My one accomplishment has been finally hitting my pre-pregnancy weight. It was a little before 4 months, and honestly right about the time I stopped thinking about it. Notice the daily grind I mentioned above that Eric and I maintain didn't include "eat." Huh. If that isn't telling about how some days go for this Mom and Dad. And really, eat should be replaced with inhale. Much like the shower experience, someone is always interrupting the flow of your hand actually meeting your mouth with sustenance, so you better shove whatever food you have in your mouth while you can. And luckily, we are still going strong with nursing, so I feel like it's my daily exercise (#lieswetellourselves) and explanation why the weight came off finally. Sure, it took a little longer this time, but 4 months isn't too shabby. But let's be clear: pre-pregnancy weight is not the same as pre-pregnancy body. When you've had 3 pregnancies, nothing goes back the same. I'm not complaining...but I am also not giving up my last item of maternity clothing:
These skinny pants are like my favorite pairs of pants of all time. (You likey the top? $4 J.Crew steal at Goodwill. BOOYA!)

The pants remind me of how much I miss being pregnant...

...ah! Who am I kidding? I don't miss being pregnant.

I miss sleep.
And running every day.
And self respect.
And Eric's stubble.
And my babies I'm at work. to that nap...


  1. Last week, I washed my hair on Sunday. I did not wash it again until Saturday. True story.

  2. I honestly don't remember how or when I was able to shower back in the day! I wish I could be there to be the dish and laundry fairy...
    4 months for back to pre-pregnancy weight after #3 is good - really good!
    You will be able to run and feel more human once the kids are older. Each day seems like an eternity as times (or flies by too fast when there's too much to do), but believe me that it will fly by, and you will reclaim more time to yourself. Promise!

  3. I'm so glad to read your blog. As for me, I write posts in my head. But yours are always a treasure and I'm always nodding.

    Hugs! Amber