Friday, September 27, 2013

SOTU: Miles Linus

SOTU: Miles Linus

This year marks the start of a new PreK program for Miles. He is going full day at an Episcopal private school (what up JV Catholic!) to the tune of more money than I think I earned when I graduated from college (slight exaggeration...but these Anglicans don't come cheap!). While Eric and I are proud products of wonderful public education, and while I hope that our children take advantage of the solid public schools in this area, I can say without a doubt that enrolling Miles in this school has been one of the best decisions.

The school is wonderfully supportive, nurturing, and developmentally on point with what I feel like a preK should be about. There isn't an enormous urge to get kids writing and we weren't sold on 4-5 year olds deconstructing sentence structure (yes, one of our contenders was a school where I observed 4 year olds being able to identify where commas should be in sentences) as much as getting kids exposed to multi-sensory experiences and PLAY! (Of note, my boss has two older boys and she mentioned to me that she rolled her eyes when her son said his favorite part of school was "recess." In my mind I thought--well, smart kid; it should be! Exercise, opportunities to explore peer groups, creativity, etc. In my mind, we need fewer iPads and focus on handwriting for these littles, and more opportunities to learn through play.) 

And while days are long (7:45-4/5pm), not once has he expressed a lack of interest in going. He comes home and tells us the most amazing stories and has made a few cute "boyfriends," which if you are a painfully shy boy like Miles, isn't the easiest thing to boast. He has taken a liking for chapel and religion classes, and we have a YouTube stream full of "be-ligion" stories. (Bee tee dubs, you can hear Felix in the background who lets us know that cacti are "poinky." It's his new favorite word. He used to be obsessed with the word "beef," now it is "poinky." Brother is making words up, just like his Mama! Apple doesn't fall far...)

(Poor kid. This was the 3rd time we made him tell the story. I had Eric secretly tape it because he wouldn't do when knowing he was being recorded. And at the end he is referring to the Fantasia 2000 when there is the Noah's Ark piece with Donal Duck and that Pomp and Circumstance from graduations).

Now, sometimes the story details are a little hazy. Like, did you know that Adam and Eve were in a desert and that amid the rocks, there is a PORTAL TO EARTH? Or how about that angels AND fairies climb Jacob's ladder? Oh, and he recently took a magazine and told me he could read it. Next thing I know, he is sort of blabbering about "genefith 2-1-0-4-3-5...genefith." It sounded like he was talking robot, or  reciting the secret code on Lost. And then it clicked...he was referring to Genesis and the bible passage numbers! He was reenacting the readings during his Chapel. So, yeah, he may not be really reading, writing well or give two licks about drawing, but I'm sure he's on the fast track to becoming a priest. Point is: he's loving school. And I'm loving that he's loving it.

And I'm also loving uniforms. Even if the uniform companies price gouge you with ridiculous fees for the required screen printing/embroidery...

I used to be anti uniform, and now I can't think of anything better.

Next up--getting my work to have uniforms: yoga pants and tank tops with cardigans. Hey, a girl can dream.
First day of school SELFIE!
We are still in speech, and luckily have the same teacher he had when we started at the end of his last school year. We, unfortunately, have to go to another elementary school to meet her, which is kind of a grind. The focus is getting him to say a "y" and not an "l" (eg, "yes" instead of "less"). It was right about 4.5 yrs that the speech idiosyncrasies stopped being "cute" and started making me realize that he really did need to work on them.

I'm going to come right out and say it, but Miles is better with Gus than Felix is. And he has been since day 1.
He can calm him down, he sings him songs, and he even tells me about all the developmental stages that he is going to tutor him in. 

Miles is exceptionally perceptive and has eagle eyes and ears. He still prefers more lower energy games and outdoor play (in comparison to Felix), but can get extra silly and loud when the spirit moves him.

And he's my kid who loves cuddling, massages, and pampering. We are all about the manicures and pedicures over here.

Generally, he still loves to tattle tale on Felix, but when they two of them "click" during play, I love watching them interact and create silly stories and adventures.

The way I see it at times, Miles is an old soul. He's caring, and sensitive. But he truly is a worrier/anxious kid. He doesn't like being alone. Like, never. Sometimes I wonder how such big thoughts and ideas can go through his head. (I also wonder how he can do math in his head...because I still can't)
We regularly have some sort of conversation about dying and heaven (religious school is probably helping this), and recently he asked me if when I die, will I still be his mother.

Just punch me in the stomach. I can't go there. I can't ever think about leaving these kids. It's too much for me right now.

So in the wise words of Miles (see video above), I said back to him, "I will never, ever, ever, never, ever, ever, never stop being your Mom."

This's eternal, kid.


  1. love your sotu updates and **love** these boys! xoC

  2. This was my favorite week of posts that you have done. love you!