Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Date weekend

Eric and I had the luxury of spending a date weekend enjoying the nuptials of his good friend from growing up, which meant loads of his totally mature high school guy friends descended upon Atlanta and elected to sit around talking about the latest issue of the Economist.

Or, maybe a bunch of his friends played a ruckus game of bocce intensified by an open bar on the night before the wedding.

Same diff.

Either way, I always have a great time with his high school friends, and even better time with their wives. The night before the wedding we all hung out at an outside bar downtown for cocktails and cockeyed grainy iPhone kissing pictures.

I'm ashamed to say my chin upstages his beard. Yikes!
Class act, I tell you. Yeah, they don't let us out often.
The wedding itself was stunning, enhanced by the magnificent Atlanta Botanical Gardens and their current Imaginary Worlds exhibit (plants larger than life). I would have pictures, except I was too busy falling in love with the Hindu officiant (?) and wondering how we could convert. 

We went to the wedding with Eric's best childhood friend (J) and his wife (A) who flew in from Chi-town. They stayed at our house for the weekend, and in addition to a luxurious stay on a trundle bed, we also gave them loads of free birth control (generic brand: Miles and Felix). Gus is still a total ovary stimulator. I give it 9 more months before I look into toddler boarding school.

What is nice is that A leads the Nordstrom's hand bag department (bee tee dubs, do NOT say the "p" word; hand bag it is), and she was a great barometer of "what I should dress like if I didn't have kids and an empty wallet." Not only did she look like a million bucks with perfectly in style clothing, hand bags and shoes, but she also got her husband into some cool kicks for the wedding, which totally upstaged my black wedges from 2003. (DSW, what what?) 
Now, if my chin and J's shoes were next to one another, jury is out on who would get the most attention.
I make up for my fashion shortcomings with stupid faces ruining photos. 

FYI, above our heads is an enormous serpent made out of succulent plants and other greenery. Insane in the membrane.
Better yet, I made up for all of my fashion shortcomings this weekend with a mouth adorned with a cold sore, which let's be honest, is right up there with a rose gold Michael Kors watch in terms of being fashionably forward.
Yeah, my 3 yo refused to kiss me for fear of getting my boo boo. Don't blame him. These suckers are awful and contagious! I blame stress. And the fact that I went to pull out my anti viral prescription in the closet and my refill expired in 2012. Oops.
Happy Couples! And yes, my dress was a $5.95 number from Goodwill.
J and A were troopers staying in our shoe box with a house full of loud boys. J even got to give Gus a bottle in exchange for a beard combing.

The weekend was fun, and somehow we also managed to fit in a birthday party, fall festival, cross country meet, 6 month check up, flu shot, and parenting class. So, yeah, we are exhausted.

(updated from original writing of the post) But nothing helps with that exhaustion like a feverish 3 year old expelling particulate and liquid matter from his mouth and bottom. 

Next up: my best friend from growing up visiting this weekend! I sense less bocce, and more meat. (Paleo joke.)


  1. "generic brand: Miles and Felix"...I AM DYING! That was not on the list of options my ob/gyn asked about at my prenatal appt this week! I was robbed!

  2. Thanks for sharing your crazy weekend! You looked great, even with the lip adornment.

  3. I can wait to hold that sweet boy. You look beautiful!