Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My Insta-Gus has been sharing some of the spotlight with his brothers, and although this blog stays pretty quiet these days, I've been blowing up IG with images of our life. I both love and hate how easily it is to get relatively good photos on a phone.

For the 1/2 of you not hanging with me on IG, here is the latest, with snarky commentary (obvi).
Practicing for the day that glasses becomes a reality. Myopia is in his future.

OINK OINK! Piggy paint and mani pedi night for me and the boys. (And hand/foot massages with my favorite Ava Anderson diaper cream. Yeah, that's right. I slather that stuff all over the body. I dare say I like it more than CA baby.)

I mean...I'm hate to gloat, but this kid has epic lashes.



Gus and I hang around with his cheeks before soccer practice.

Miles sings us church hymnals on the ground during soccer.

Felix has the drinking juice boxes down after soccer.

Gus test drives his new Stokke high chair.

They say third babies grow up fast...but this facial hair came a lot sooner than I expected!

Again, lashes. Gus hung with me in the Ergo while I hauled wood chips for almost 4 hours by myself one Saturday morning. And "by myself", I mean along with a fighting 5 and 3 yo.

When Mommy and Daddy say you cannot wear a costume to school, you improvise. He wore this the ENTIRE day.

White after labor day? Puh-lease. As long as it's with madras. 
Fingers, toes...practicing for the real food.
It's as close as we are getting to sitting up these days.

Hungry hungry hippo. First taste of food.

Mom and Felix's Halloween craft fail.

Brother picture fail.

Gus. Win.

Finally, Selfie with my big boys. Sometimes...you just need a little silly.

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  1. I love every last one of these photos! Not knowing what the pumpkins were supposed to look like, I think they are cute and look like a child had a hand in them instead of being magazine perfect.